Festival Essentials: 7 Things To Keep In Mind For TIMEOUT 72

With barely a week left for TIMEOUT 72‘s debut edition, the hype for the festival is at an all time high, and why wouldn’t it be? With world class headliners in Jason Derulo, Wiz Khalifa and Martin Garrix as well as some incredible supporting acts, the festival is looking like a haven for music lovers.

As TIMEOUT 72 marks the return of music festivals in Goa after 2015, we’re giving you some tips to take your festival experience to the next level.

1. Stay Hydrated

This is an absolute no brainer.Water is one of the most basic yet most important of things that you’d require, especially since you’re going to be spending close to about almost 7 hours dancing. Dehydration is a major issue at concerts and music festivals, and you wouldn’t want that to mar your experience on the days of TIMEOUT 72.

2. Wear Loads Of Sunscreen

The sun loves shining down relentlessly in India. As the gates for the festival will open early in the day, the sun will be at its peak. So unless you want to get a sunburn, we’d suggest wearing copious amounts of sunscreen, along with a cap/hat/snapback and sun glasses with it.

3. Wear Comfortable Shoes

This one goes without saying, but you’ll be dancing your socks off at the show, and we’re sure you’d want to give some good treatment to your feet. And the best solution for that? Comfortable shoes! Ladies, forget those heels, and opt for flats. Or better yet, sneakers!

4. Pace Yourself

You don’t want to go all in at the start! you’d get tired really soon and miss out on the rest of the event. Going too hard at the beginning can wear you out and ruin the next several hours. So pace yourself, spread out your enthusiasm, and take breaks!

5. Carry A Power Bank

While we’re pretty sure that anyone who’s reading this already has a power bank, but just in case you don’t, buy one. It’ll really come handy when your phone’s running out of juice after countless videos and selfies on Snapchat and Instagram. A 10,000 mAh powerbank should last you and a friend easily.

6. Get Organized!

The line up this year is absolutely MAD!, so obviously there’s going to be two of your favorite acts playing at the same time. We suggest you catch half of both sets. Two half sets are always better than missing out on one and regretting it! Plan out the acts you’re going to hit so you’re not wasting time by running around during the festival.

7. Stay In Groups & Decide a Meeting Point

There are tons of patrons, just like you, that are going to be at the festival. You can easily get lost if you wander away to another stage just to check out another act. With no cell phone reception, finding your friends could be a tedious task. That’s why always stay in groups, and if need be, use the buddy system and decide a rendezvous point, should you wander off.

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