aimsir – [EP]


Pune-based producer Aimsir might be a new name to many of you, but the young act has been steadily carving his own niche within the industry with his forward thinking and otherworldly take on electronic music. Having initially grabbed our attention earlier this year with ‘Yūgen‘ which was released as part of Indian collective Jwala’s second monthly compilation, Aimsir is back with new music. With his latest EP ‘‘, Yatharth takes listeners on his exploratory journey which truly transcends genres.

A 4-track project which is driven by his ongoing pursuit for showcasing new sounds, Aimsir once again manages to impress us with his storytelling skills, that has also been a major highlight in his past works. Led by a lovely ‘intro.‘, whose ethereal sonic landscape remains shrouded in mystery, courtesy the intense, yet equally blissful sounds of the Sarangi, ‘ceol.‘ picks up listeners soon after for an exotic dose of his signature work, which sees itself effortlessly merge with the warmth of its dubstep-influenced counterpart.

With ‘jatayu.‘, Aimsir provides us with an immersive experience which is defined by its heavy instrumentation. As the tempo notches even further up, the drum n’ bass inspired piece brings this memorable EP to life, before the tide turns back to leave us with ‘Misneach‘. Heavily inspired by Indian classical music, its dreamlike melody at the heart of it drives the tune forward towards an ambient, yet textured setting for one of his most intricate works till date.

Another promising bit of work from Aimsir which never sees him to compromise at any level, listen to his EP below.

You can grab your copy here.