Here Are Some Tips To Take Your Purpose World Tour India Experience To The Next Level

The hype is real. Justin Bieber’s India debut is just a couple of days away, and looks like the entire country has caught the Bieber fever. In the last couple of days, we’ve brought you tracks to get you ready for Purpose World Tour India, as well as why you shouldn’t miss out on the massive show. Continuing on the same path, today we’re giving you some tips for an overall better experience at Justin Bieber‘s first ever India show. Read on!


1. Stay Hydrated

This is an absolute no brainer. Anyone living in Mumbai will tell you how hot and humid the city is in May. Doesn’t matter if you’re from Mumbai or some other part of the country, drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. Dehydration is a major issue at concerts and music festivals, and you wouldn’t want that to mar your experience on the day of the show. There will be free water available at the venue, so make sure you drink enough of it. Now you don’t want to end up like Spongebob, do you?

2. Wear Loads Of Sunscreen

The sun in Indian summers shines down relentlessly. As the gates for the show open at 2 pm, the sun will be at its peak. So unless you want to get a sunburn, we’d suggest wearing copious amounts of sunscreen, along with a cap/hat/snapback with it. Don’t be this guy.


3. Wear Comfortable Shoes

This one goes without saying, but you’ll be dancing your socks off at the show. With some fantastic supporting acts, including Alan Walker, Zaeden and Sartek, as well as the main act Bieber himself, we’re sure you’d want to give some good treatment to your feet. And the best solution for that? Comfortable shoes!


4. Pace Yourself

With more than 5 hours performances, raging throughout everyone’s set will wear you out pretty quickly. Make sure you pace yourself, get some water or something to eat, take proper rest in between the opening acts so you’re ready to go when Justin finally comes on stage.


5. Carry A Power Bank

While we’re pretty sure that anyone who’s reading this already has a power bank, but just in case you don’t, buy one. It’ll really come handy when your phone’s running out of juice after countless videos and selfies on Snapchat and Instagram. A 10,000 mAh powerbank should last you and a friend easily.


6. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

If at any point of your show you don’t feel too well, approach any of the medical teams available at the venue. Missing out on your favourite act for a few minutes is much better than falling sick. The same goes for if you see someone who doesn’t look too well. Take them to the nearest first aid centre, or give them some water.


7. Treat Yourself To Some Delicious Food

Don’t forget to get something to eat at the Purpose World Tour India show. A food zone curated by India’s premier food festival, The Grub Fest, with over 5o food stalls will be serving food from various cuisines. Doesn’t get better than that, does it?

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