Emily Warren Talks Singing On The Chainsmokers’ “Paris”, Hints At More Tracks!

Ever since The Chainsmokers teased their brand new single to the world, fans had already become busy searching for the female responsible for providing the track with the sensational backing vocals. And now while “Paris” has been finally witnessed the light of day, it looks like former collaborator Emily Warren is the one indeed.

Talking to Billboard recently, the New York-based singer/songwriter revealed how the duo called her in to put her own touch on the track after they felt it was incomplete.

“I actually didn’t write on “Paris.” They happened to be in New York and I was working on some stuff at a studio nearby, and they were like, “Can you please come? We’re finishing this song. It needs a little something; we don’t know what it is. Can you just come sing some background or something?” So I came in and just layered some of Drew’s parts and sang those different parts that you can hear on the song. They were like, “All right, sick, the song’s done now.” It was awesome. They just put me in the booth and were like, “Do whatever you want,” and it turned out how it did.”

Moreover, having already also contributed to their earlier hits like “Until You Were Gone” and “Don’t Let Me Down“, Emily told Billboard that she had written a lot of stuff with them which will be coming out, and even another track on which she’ll be officially featured on. While 2017 is already looking to be massive for The Chainsmokers, stream “Paris” below and get ready!

Source: Billboard

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