Joseph Capriati Played A 25 Hour Set In Miami Over The Weekend

Extended sets have always been revered as the true tests when it comes to DJing as a craft. Not only they allow DJs to tell a story with the sets, they also take the listeners to an aural journey like never before. As a number of artists continue embracing the tradition, Italian veteran Joseph Capriati took it to a whole new level.

The recently concluded weekend saw Capriati play a 25 hour 30 minute set at Heart Nightclub in Miami, making it his longest set ever. Treating the patrons to a great serving of everything from house to techno, the Italian said in a tweet that he intended to play a marathon set, but he never imagined playing for 25 hours straight.

While Joseph Capriati‘s feat is definitely an impressive one, the record for the world’s longest DJ set belongs to Nigeria’s DJ Obi, who dished out a 240 hour set!

H/T: Dancing Astronaut