The Bangin Beats’ Top 10 Albums Of 2016

What a year has it been for electronic music! As the genre continues to find its own well deserved space within the music industry, 2016 truly saw it break ground on an exponential scale. As the electronic music space steadily evolves from being a singles-dominated market, this year saw producers from the entire spectrum pour out their hearts to work on full length albums to showcase their artistry in true fashion. And, we at The Bangin Beats have picked the best dance/electronic albums of 2016.

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10. Above & Beyond – Acoustic II

The highly adored British trio Above & Beyond had confirmed they were working on a follow-up album to their debut ‘Acoustic’ album, one which had won them a lot of accolades from their critics, peers and fans for recreating some of their most well-known classics into orchestral delights. Acoustic II saw the trio take a more jazz and blues infused sound for the return of the acoustic concept, with classics like ‘On My Way To Heaven’, ‘Alchemy’, ‘Black Room Boy’ make the cut, while newer productions such as ‘We’re All We Need’, ‘Counting Down The Days’, ‘On My Way To Heaven’ and more also received the acoustic treatment.

9.Steve Angello – Wild Youth

3 years in the making, Steve Angello’s debut studio album ‘Wild Youth’ finally came to fruition in January this year. Released in 2 chapters, with the first one having been released in November 2015, the album wove a wonderfully driven narrative, crafted into a story. With each track having its own story to tell, the album channeled rebellion, love, and the general state of inhibitions that come with youth.


8. Eric Prydz – Opus

Eric Prydz’s debut studio album was without a doubt one of the most anticipated albums in 2016. Having already released four singles from the album previously, with ‘Every Day’ (2012), ‘Liberate’ (2014), ‘Generate’ and ‘Opus’ (2015), the album saw the Super Swede put his best foot forward and deliver a long awaited album that did not disappoint the progressive house faithful.


7. Tycho – Epoch

Tycho returned with a brand new LP in September this year, two years after his last album “Awake”. Complete with atmospheric, lush soundscapes and cinematic highs, Epoch was an incredible experience that left its listeners in pure aural bliss. Nominated for the Best Dance/Electronica Album at the Grammys alongside the likes of Jean-Michel Jarre, Flume, Underworld Louie Vega, the San Francisco-based producer’s latest effort is truly one of his most triumphant works till date!


6. Deadmau5 – W:/2016ALBUM/

Everyone’s favourite Twitter troll Deadmau5 had been teasing a new album on Twitter throughout 2016, much to the pleasure of his fans. And the mau5 stood true to his word by announcing his 8th studio album for release in December. Having already previewed a couple of tracks already, the album was quintessential Deadmau5, with its textured synths and atmospheric arrangements. The mau5 also tried his hand at newer stuff, with more trip hop and downtempo stuff, earning him plaudits from both fans and critics.


5. Flume – Skin

Nearly four years after the self-debut of Flume’s mind-bending full length LP, the top Australian export finally made his sophomore return with ‘Skin’ earlier this year. With 11 collaborators spanning over 16 tracks, Harley Streten went all out to overcome the age-old fear of sophomore slump. ‘Skin’ is as much maximalism and equal parts well-orchestrated which acts upon the producer’s strongest points, dynamism. The sophomore effort is expansive and is a sonic ride which makes mechanism and reality converge. And boy, is the end result spectacular! A man who has stayed true to his knack for experimentation, gave his all on this record to place himself as one of the very few artists to connect the ‘underground’ and ‘pop’ realm all at once; and that too with such fluidic ease. And ultimately, it gave listeners a more comprehensive portrait of who Flume as an artist is.


4. Kaytranada – 99.9%

Canadian artist and SoundCloud superstar Kaytranada made his highly successful album debut with 99.9% via XL Recordings back in May. Known for his exotic and colourful creations, Kay conjured up an expansive LP which exceptionally presented itself as a melting pot of funk, soul, R&B, and dance music. High on sampling and stunningly percussion-driven, the Haiti-bred act served one of the most vivid debut albums during recent times, and if you had missed out on it before, now’s the time to catch up on this gem!


3. Nicolas Jaar – Sirens

A true visionary in his own right, Nicolas Jaar took center stage once again with the release of his third studio album, “Sirens”. With his highly acclaimed projects including “Space Is Only Noise” and “Pomegranates” in the backdrop, the Chilean-American producer yet again showcased his delicate ear for crafting sonic landscapes like no one else. A six track album excluding the bonus track “Wild Flower”, “Sirens” embodied a serious sense of experimentation which was represented by sounds, abstract in nature and open to interpretation. And while making yet another significant impact upon the electronic music scene, Nicolas’ ingenious piece of work successfully exudes more than what meets the eye.


2. Justice – Woman

Legendary French outfit Justice made their highly awaited return with the arrival of their third studio album “Woman”. Simplistic, emotional and equally enthralling in nature, the latest 10-track effort by the iconic duo comprised of Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay embarked on an adventurous sonic journey which weaved upon the sounds of French electro, funk and disco! More so, “Woman” is a true example of a passionate effort which not only boasts of individuals tracks equipped with the capability of becoming instant modern dance classics, but effortlessly echoes the duo’s legacy within today’s pop culture, much akin to their previous contribution towards the industry almost a half a decade back.


1. James Blake – The Colour In Everything

When “The Colour In Anything” was unleashed upon the world, British musician James Blake had already secured his place as the rightful creator one of 2016’s most notable full length efforts. A hauntingly vivid concoction of R&B, soul and electronica, which moves past the boundaries of his signature post-dubstep influences, “The Colour In Anything” takes the crown for our ‘Top Album Of The Year’ as James’ third studio album not only sees him coming of age, but is a beautiful yet poignant reminder how electronic music can offer us with an infinite scope for experimentation, no matter how dystopian in nature it may be.


Written By: Pranav Gupta & Rajrishi Murthi

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