Diplo Shares A Heatwarming Story About His Experience In Pakistan

After a successful two city MDBP India tour (Delhi got cancelled due to the unrest in Haryana), Diplo travelled to Islamabad, Pakistan for his debut, making him the first major electronic artist to play in the country .

After his show, Diplo took took to his social media channels to share a heartwarming story about his experience in Pakistan.

I spent 24 hours in Islamabad… Meeting young musicians, new fans, students, embassy folks, parents, artists, security guards, cricket players & bootleggers… I drank a lot of tea ate some amazing food and smoked part of a hash brick that looked like it could kill a small elephant. A few hours later I played a concert in the city in a beautiful amphitheater in a park for so many awesome kids that knew all the music. I couldn’t believe it.. At the end of the show everyone backstage gave me hugs and hi fives and told me it was a good time but it didn’t feel normal. I almost felt like crying because here we all were at the end of the show with our peace signs in the air at the end of the concert doing something that might be arbitrary for us … On any Saturday night.. We do it every weekend and we don’t realize it’s a privilege.. For these kids from Islamabad Lahore or Karachi or the countryside this is the first time they have ever done that and it might not happen again for a long time. But tonight everyone danced and sang together and wished for a better future and maybe it might make it easier for it to happen. Thanks so much for inviting me

Diplo has always maintained the influence that India has had on his career as an artist and as a person, and it’s great to see him sharing his experience in Pakistan. While the image of the country hasn’t been painted well in front of the world, it has been a great initiative from the Grammy winning producer to tour the country and tell the rest of the world his story, and we hope more artists follow suit.