After winning the prestigious ‘Favourite EDM Artist’ at the American Music Awards 2013, Tim Bergling, better known by his stage name Avicii, has just released a brand new video of his smash hit “Hey Brother”. The track originally features on his debut studio album ‘True’, and features the vocals of American bluegrass singer Dan Tyminski. The track has been a crowd favorite ever since audiences had heard it earlier this year, and its presence on Avicii’s album shows the diversity that the album carries within itself. But the new video uploaded on Avicii’s official YouTube channel, just goes beyond anything Avicii has ever featured in and may just be the most thought provoking video he’s done yet.

Unlike his other blockbuster hits such as ‘Wake me up’ and ‘You make me’‘Hey Brother’ carries with it a strong narrative – that of which shows the impact of war on two boys who are presumably brothers. The video begins with the two boys as they are growing up with nostalgic scenes from camp sites, playful teasing, barbecues and sleepovers. As they breakdown occurs, we get a sense of the tragedy that awaits them as we see signs of a military funeral. With the strong passionate vocals flowing in the background, the visuals reveal that the elder brother does go to war leaving the family heartbroken. The video becomes special as Avicii makes a last second appearance amidst fireflies. See the video below and spare a tear for the sacrifices our armed forces make to ensure our freedom.

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