Gig Review


Gig Review: The High Holi Music Festival 2017

One of the earliest Indie holi festivals to grace the scenario, Pune’s The High Holi Music Festival gave party-goers a refreshing spin on a normal holi party: one intertwined with an electronic elegance, an i...

Festival Review: Vh1 Supersonic 2017

Excitement levels had been on the rise ever since Vh1 Supersonic announced its new home in the student-centric city of Pune, after 3 glorious years on the sandy beaches of Goa. Aiming to curate a grand expe...

Festival Review: Tomorrowland 2016

For some, it’s the biggest dance music festival in the world. For some, it’s a life changing pilgrimage to watch some of the biggest artists in the electronic music realm. Tomorrowland has always been an om...