Ultra Music Festival Announces Departure From Miami

Ultra Music Festival

One of the world’s most celebrated electronic music festivals, Ultra has steadily gone on to become a staple part of the live music circuit since its ambitious debut back in 1999. Having called Miami as their beloved home since the beginning of their journey, they took to social media earlier today to reveal that they will be finally moving away from the city for the 2020 edition of their flagship event.

Following their massive 20th anniversary celebrations in 2018, UMF went on to announce Virginia Key Beach Park and Miami Marine Stadium as the new venue for this year’s gathering after their long stint at Bayfront Park, which turned out to be a controversy-filled weekend. Highlighted by the transportation issues which caused major problems during Day 1 and Day 2 of the festival, it certainly proved to be a problematic affair for the organizers.

In a lengthy statement, Ultra has now revealed that they are looking to finalise a new location in South Florida which will serve as the permanent home for the massive festival. With all eyes on the organisers as the iconic festival seems to have finally bid farewell to Miami, you can read the full statement below and stay tuned for further updates.