Gig Review: Nexa Music Lounge Presents Vishal Dadlani Live

Vishal Dadlani

In a country whose population thrives on music, NEXA is surely looking to prove itself as the next big game changer. A representation of style and sophistication, Maruti Suzuki’s NEXA brand aims to provide the audience with unique experiences. With the launch of NEXA Music Lounge which took place back in November this past year, the Indian audience was introduced to a new musical experience. This unique platform vouches to create music reversion of global records performed by Indian musicians who thrive on self-expression and authenticity.

With a dedicated space for Nexa Music Lounge already set up on Nexa Experience online, the folks at Nexa have not only aimed to expand the audience’s horizons and take their experiences to the next level, but also have brought about a unique collaboration like never seen before.

After heading towards their website, not only were we treated to a stupendous environment, but we also subscribed instantly to stay informed about NEXA Music Lounge’s upcoming events, live gigs, listening sessions and much more in the near future. An e-mail which consequently hit our inbox from Nexa Music Lounge after a short while, we were asked to register on their website for couple passes. What followed was an opportunity to watch none other than Vishal Dadlani LIVE!

For the latest iteration of NEXA Music Lounge’s live show series, they took over the ever-beloved Hard Rock Cafe, Gurgaon for a memorable outing with the renowned Indian artist. With their exciting new concept set to treat fans with a supreme live performance by veteran act, the promise was delivered in full, and perhaps even beyond.

After a fine entry to Hard Rock Cafe, we entered the venue at around 9 o’ clock as it seemed a lot of people were arriving at that time. As the crowd size continued to increase steadily, the energy and excitement in the air was surely palpable. One of the most incredible venues in the country capital, HRC has always been recognized as a place for new musical adventures. An electric atmosphere which had already set in, Hard Rock Cafe was set to experience one of its best nights ever courtesy Nexa Music Lounge.

With a fine hospitality on offer courtesy Nexa Music Lounge, we had finally made our way to the first floor to find ourselves a nice spot near the balcony. As the clock struck ten, the man of the moment had ultimately found his way onto the stage triggering a massive uproar from the audience. Brought into life by NEXA and Sony Music India, the show kicked off as Vishal performed an impactful version of Tears For Fears’ “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”. As the renowned act had the crowd in daze along with his fellow band members, NEXA Music Lounge lived up to its name as the crowd witnessed him perform enticing jams including tracks by The Police, Hozier and more.

An already memorable night which continued in full swing, with the massive swell of grungy and captivating guitar chords, backing synths and a heavy drum work, Vishal’s vocals never failed to catch the attention of the listener. Moreover, with a fine production on offer which managed to entrance the crowd and took attendees on a pure musical journey, they danced and jumped with such energy.

A night which flowed beautifully through high-octane jams and slower-paced rock productions, Vishal Dadlani showed off his own take on Oasis’ “Wonderwall” and Chet Faker’s all-time classic cover of “No Diggity”. An equally impressive one as it turned out to be, the singer was also joined by former The Stage Season 2 contestant Sharvi Yadav for a special cameo effort. With a defining stage presence which makes him stand out as one of the most forward thinking and famous acts within the Indian music scene, the audience had its own personal moments with the man himself as he interacted in such fine fashion.

Halfway through the show, the energy levels continued to peak even further as Vishal took on one of the most unconventional tracks for the night, “High For This” by The Weeknd. A commendable reinterpretation indeed, fans loved every bit of it including myself.

Having already set the tone for the night, his impressive performance of Prince’s “Purple Rain” stood out as one of the biggest highlights! Moreover, as Vishal was joined by former The Stage Season 2 contestants Sharvi Yadav and Sparsh Bajpai during the latter half of the track, Vishal’s tribute to the late musician was beyond spectacular. A power packed show which had no plans of slowing down, the audience present for the latest edition of NEXA Music Lounge furthermore were treated to the legendary skills of celebrated guitarist Warren Mendonsa as he sent fans into a tizzy every now and then with his mind-bending guitar solos.

With the stage and its screens, lights and effects creating an engaging visual spectacle from start to finish, the aural intensity throughout the show contributed towards the atmosphere which had continued to build up right from the start.

Entering the final leg, Vishal Dadlani conveyed a sense of togetherness with performances of tracks by Bob Marley including “Redemption Song” and “Get Up, Stand Up”. And as the performance steadily approached to draw to a monumental close, Vishal and his extremely talented band took on two timeless classics by Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rage Against The Machine. Performing “Suck My Kiss” and “Killing In The Name”, the man signed off on a rebellious note.

A sensational event which had its own intense moments, Vishal Dadlani proved once again why he is recognised as one of India’s biggest and most successful acts in the modern era. And with NEXA Music Lounge’s vision which aims to deliver similar unique experiences to the Indian audience, we are extremely excited for what the near future holds.

Major thanks to NEXA for enabling us to have such a wonderful experience!

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