Here Are The Best Releases By Indian Acts In 2018 So Far

Best Releases Indian Artists 2018

We are officially half-way through 2018, and boy have we been treated to some exceptional releases from artists around the country! With the likes of seasoned acts including Dualist Inquiry, Sandunes and more who have made sure to bring in their A-game for their latest tracks, we have also been treated to some incredible EPs and albums from the likes of Three Oscillators, Monsoonsiren and Tienas. As we get ready for the second half of the year, we at Bangin Beats have decided to compile some of our favourite releases over the past six months!

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15. Mug£n – ConsciousnessMug£n Consciousness

A favourite here at Bangin Beats, Mumbai-based talent Mug£n has consistently managed to step up his game with each new release. And if 2017 had to offer his impressive ‘Genesis’ EP, then 2018 is proving to be one of his most significant years till date. With an array of singles that Suvam has managed to release over the last six months, Mug£n finds a spot in our list with ‘Consciousness’. Sampling Norwegian singer Aurora’s mellifluous vocals, Suvam’s chilled out effort keeps things calm and serene throughout the proceedings for a beautiful piece which strikes all the right chords. Accompanied by twinkling melodies and bright rhythms which make up for a bittersweet listen, ‘Consciousness’, unarguably stands out as one of the most profound releases from his ever growing catalog.


14. Aimsir – SonderAimsir Sonder

One of the brightest homegrown acts to watch out for, Pune-based producer Aimsir finds a well-deserved spot in our list! Having constantly delivered with his spell binding creations, Yatharth Vibhakar managed to dish out one of his most special releases till date earlier this year. Making his debut on Indian label nrtya, he served up ‘Sonder‘, that has been a labour of love of almost four years. Staying true to the track’s fitting title, the vivid and complex creation meanders gently through its hauntingly mysterious soundscapes as multiple elements come together to display Aimsir’s creative freedom that he has exercised in all of his previous works.


13. TRODD x Ramya Pothuri – To StayTRODD Ramya Pothuri To Stay

Two homegrown acts that we have been keeping an eye out for, TRODD and Ramya Pothuri decided to team up for their debut collaboration ‘To Stay‘, earlier this year. Based in Mumbai, Tanmay Rathod has been steadily becoming a favourite here at TBB with his unorthodox yet striking productions which continue to highlight his fearless approach with every new release. On the other hand, Ramya’s breathtaking live performances and addictive take on indie folk has been winning over hearts around the country and internationally. And for their first joint outing, the two definitely cooked up something beautiful. Layered with minimal synths and a somber percussion work which sets up the perfect sonic bed for a flawless vocal performance from Ramya, the refreshing and incredibly smooth creation is a beautiful example of chill electronica.


12. Zokhuma – Hearts + Fields [EP]Zokhuma Hearts + Fields EP

Mumbai-based producer Zokhuma has steadily paved his way towards the top in recent years to be reckoned as one of the most revered names within India’s alternative music scene. Lesser known as Arman Menzies, the former guitarist of Goddess Gagged has mesmerized audiences around the country with his stellar DJ sets. And in 2018, the Dasta co-founder has already managed to impress listeners with his ‘Hearts + Fields’ EP, which stands testament to Zokhuma’s knack for exercising his creative abilities to perfection that has found him critical acclaim in the past.


11. Baajewala – LunaticBaajewala Lunatic

If you haven’t heard of Baajewala yet, then it’s about time you take note! The rising Indian producer has been consistently dishing out some of the most ruthless creations coming out of the bass music scene in the country. And with his recent release ‘Lunatic’, Yash has been quick to garner support from trap heavyweight UZ, Hydraulix amongst others. With plans to release more new music in the coming months, better watch out for Baajewala!


10. Salty Prawn – Chirps and BurpsSalty Prawn Chirps and Burps

Mumbai-based producer Salty Prawn has been steadily making his mark with his effervescent mix of lo-fi and ambient beats. And fresh off releasing some stunning piece of music via nrtya, the talented act finally decided to share his ambitious full-length, ‘Chirps and Burps’ with the world this past May. Released via Recordings, the 10-track LP effortlessly cemented its position as one of the freshest and most delightful albums to come out of India this year. Taking listeners on a melodic, yet groovy journey, its simplistic and serene soundscapes has proven to be a fresh breeze for listeners around the country.


9. Seedhe Maut x Prabh Deep x Sez On The Beat – Classikh Maut Vol. IIClassikh Maut Vol. II

Back in late 2016, New Delhi-based acts Seedhe Maut and Prabh Deep joined forces alongside Sez On The Beat for their raucous collaborative track, ‘Class-Sikh Maut‘. And come 2018, the triumvirate returned to action this April to deliver a humongous follow-up to their previous effort. An impressive showcase of Azadi Records’ firepower, ‘Class-Sikh Maut Vol. II‘ goes on to put the spotlight on the rappers’ impeccable craft which takes center stage on top of Sez’s eclectic production work.


8. Sid Vashi – BirdsSid Vashi Birds

Earlier last year, we were treated to ‘Azuma Kazuma‘, a truly magnificent sophomore album from Sid Vashi which saw him at the peak of his powers. And while his second LP provided listeners with an unique, yet truly amazing narrative to dive into, the Mumbai-based producer finally returned to action in 2018 with a brand new single, ‘Birds’. Offering us with an alternative introduction to the world he explored with ‘Azuma Kazuma‘, ‘Birds‘ not only fulfils its role as an alternative to the album’s original opening track, ‘Paper Bones‘, but also serves as a testament to Sid’s musical prowess. Accompanied by his hypnotic brilliance and serene vocals which lead listeners right into his multi-dimensional space, the track’s ambient influences are also complemented by an ingenious sample-based work.


7. EchoFloat – Transmutations [EP]EchoFloat Transmutations EP

Mumbai-based producer EchoFloat aka Jeff Nelson has constantly impressed listeners with his stellar creations, ranging from bass, experimental to ambient in recent years. And this past April, Jeff Nelson finally delivered his long awaited debut EP ‘Transmutations‘, which finds a well-deserved spot in our countdown. Making up for a bold yet extremely well crafted effort, listeners are drawn towards a unique setting which offers a stunning blend of ambient and bass music that has also played an integral role in Jeff’s earlier works.


6. Tienas – UnavailableTienas Unavailable

If 2017 belonged to Prabh Deep, then wait till you hear Mumbai-based MC Tienas, who has been on the prowl for a while now. And come 2018, the supremely talented act finally came through with his debut mixtape, ‘Unavailable’. Released via Azadi Records, the ambitious 15-track project saw the 22-year old team up with multiple producers to put out some of his strongest works till date. And at the heart of it all, Tienas showcased himself as a crafty storyteller who made full use of his musical capabilities and bold wordplay to make up for a very convincing debut. With all eyes on his next move, make sure to watch out for Indian hip-hop’s brightest new star!


5. Jwala 008 – NowJwala Now

One of India’s hottest music collectives, Jwala have quickly risen up the ranks since their stellar debut earlier last year to announce themselves as an established platform which strives to put the spotlight on some of the freshest music coming out of the country. And come 2018, they delivered something truly special with their eighth project, ‘Now’. Boasting of four stunning creations courtesy an all-star female lineup featuring RDKL, Aditi Ramesh, Gaya and heedless, the stellar compilation easily can rival some of the best in the game.


4. Three Oscillators – Expedition [EP]Three Oscillators – Expedition [EP]

One of the most exciting acts within India’s electronic music scene at the moment, Three Oscillators have consistently fascinated listeners with an otherworldly take on their beloved craft. Comprised of Brij Dalvi and Avit Rane, the rising duo might have had secured their place on this list back in February itself with the release of their ‘Expedition’ EP. A 5-track effort which quickly cemented its spot as yet another defining body of work, the duo took listeners on an exploratory journey into their mystifying, yet bold soundscapes.


3. Monsoonsiren – Creature HumMonsoonsiren Creature Hum

Bengaluru-based artist Monsoonsiren might not be a name that pops up frequently. But rest assured, the musical alias of Nathan Thomas Menon has gone on deliver some of the most breathtaking EPs and singles in recent years. Having collaborated with ODESZA in the past for ‘Memories That You Call’, the talented singer/songwriter has also frequently collaborated with Australian producer Tom Day in the past. And in 2018, Monsoonsiren finally decided to release his debut album, ‘Creature Hum’. A raw, emotional effort boasting of nine stunning creations, the LAPLACE-produced LP sees Nathan bare his soul for an album that is truly delicate and incredibly beautiful.


2. Sandunes – NOLA Daydream [EP]Sandunes NOLA Daydream

One of India’s most seasoned electronic acts, Sandunes decided to take us on an adventurous ride earlier this year with her ambitious new EP, ‘NOLA Daydream’. A stellar showcase of her synth-heavy work which is highlighted by its jazz-influenced sounds, ‘Nola Daydream‘ weaves a memorable tale, while drawing parallels from two unique, yet defining cultures that have shaped up Sandunes’ illustrious career over the years. And at the heart of it all, her latest conceptual body of work is deep rooted within her love for New Orleans jazz which effortlessly brings together rich sounds and her eclectic imaginary universe for a truly fine offering.


1. Dualist Inquiry – Fever DreamDualist Inquiry Fever Dream

Dualist Inquiry‘s creations have their own charm. Boasting of an extensive discography that has placed him within the upper echelon of India’s electronic music scene, the New Delhi-based producer has already served up a string of releases in 2018. And with ‘Fever Dream’, he has bagged the #1 spot, which proved to be a dynamic composition of his recent sonic adventures. A breathtaking yet equally intense offering which takes listeners on a surreal journey while capturing the vividness of a wild dream, the brooding piece sounds like the perfect vessel to travel into Sahej’s visceral electronic world.