Could Valentino Khan Be Heading To India Next Month?

Valentino Khan India

Photo Credit: Rukes

Talk about mainstream bass music, and there’s only a handful of artists who can match up to the mighty Valentino Khan! Renowned as one of today’s hottest acts, the man with the moustache has built a reputation for himself courtesy his raucous productions and equally enthralling live performances. Having dished out a string of hits in recent years including ‘Tropicana‘ with Wiwek, ‘Pump‘, ‘Slam Dunk‘ with Skrillex amongst several others, we have learnt that the man himself could be hitting up India for his debut nationwide tour next month!

Word on the street is that Phoenix Live is all set to bring down the ‘Deep Down Low‘ hitmaker for a 2-city tour in mid-February with Delhi reportedly being one of the cities to host the bass music juggernaut. During an interview with us last year, we asked Valentino about his plans for an India tour in the near future to which he responded:

“It is definitely not impossible. It is something we have discussed. A lot of it is just finding the right timing to do it. But, I would love to come out over there some day.”

As we await further information regarding the highly anticipated tour, stay tuned with us for the latest updates.