A New Collaboration Between Skrillex & G4SHI Is On The Way!

Skrillex G4shi Collaboration

Skrillex has lately been a super busy man. While the OWSLA leader has been off the festival circuit this year, he has kept himself locked inside the studio over the past few months! Already rumored to be working with several heavyweights acts from the music industry, Sonny Moore recently dropped two mini teasers which hinted at the possibility of new solo music from the man himself. And as he continues to become one of the most in-demand producers in the hip-hop game, it looks like a new collaboration between G4SHI and him is looming on the horizon.

Teasing the forthcoming effort on Snapchat which also sees both the artists in the studio, this is ought to stand out as one of G4SHI’s biggest works till date. Having previously worked with DJ Snake on tracks including ‘Oh Me Oh My‘ and ‘4 Life‘, Sonny’s latest production effort seems to be a slow paced jam which takes on a melodic R&B influenced route. With the final product yet to be revealed, expect this one to hit your playlists soon!

Watch the clip below.

H/T: EDM Sauce