Chrms – Lover Boy [EP]

Chrms Lover Boy EP

Mumbai-based wunderkind Chrms has been championed by a mighty wave of listeners from all over the country since the beginning of his artistic journey a few years ago. And with several standout singles under his belt, Veer Kowli finally decided to unveil his debut body of work in the form of his ‘Lover Boy‘ EP which was released earlier this week.

On his dreamy and enthralling debut, Chrms traverses through seven creations to showcase his penchant for crafting intimate melodies and dreamy tones. Also known for his notable emphasis on the sonic and visual aesthetic of his work, everything seems to fall in place right from the start as the action kicks off with ‘Jadu‘ which gently blankets your ears with its twinkling melody before seamlessly giving way to its underlying vibrancy to take over. Followed by the EP’s solitary single, ‘Mind‘ with fellow singer/songwriter Sabu, the rising talent puts his collaborative strength on display, only for it to be succeeded by the Jordan Johnson-assisted ‘??‘ whose blues-inspired take on slow-paced electronica messes with the formula to reap a fruitful reward.

As we reach the halfway mark, Veer goes on to double down on the solidity of his impressive work with ‘Bone Soda‘ alongside Rae which brings along a stuttery, yet smoothed-out production effort from Chrms. Highlighted by the Mumbai-based artist’s solid contribution to the track which sees him effortlessly rap his way through on this throbbingly hyperactive piece, ‘What I Want‘ arrives next with the young act’s nuanced style of delivering emotions finding the spotlight.

The EP’s titular piece takes over the penultimate spot which not only seems to remind us of his Flume-inspired sound in the first place but ultimately sees him sculpt out a stunningly warped sound with its distant beat and an ethereal vocal sample to bring everything together. Finely summed up by ‘Blue (Outro)‘ which brings the proceedings of ‘Lover Boy‘ to an overwhelming close, Chrms’ debut EP offers a sense of cohesiveness and resounding clarity in his vision which can potentially take him to greater heights in his steadily blooming career.

Listen to ‘Lover Boy‘ below.