Dabin – Wild Youth [LP]

Dabin Wild Youth LP

Dabin has officially released his long awaited second studio album, ‘Wild Youth’. Featuring a delightfully eclectic assortment of new tracks and collaborations, the sophomore effort is 10 tracks in length, with fan favorites, ‘Altitude‘, ‘Lights‘ and ‘In Flames‘, joining four brand new cuts, and the recently released ‘Another Day‘, ‘Alive‘ and ‘Rings and Roses‘.

The album is a testament to his gifted studio abilities, sonically delivering a warming mix of melodic cuts, captivating drops and intelligent collaborations. Dabin’s aptitude to work collaboratively with an assembly of talented vocalists and producers is exhibited across the LP. Impassioned and animated vocals feature across the 10 tracks, luring the listener in, before introducing Dabin’s signature synths, succinct snares and flawless drops.

Out now via Seeking Blue, listen to ‘Wild Youth‘ below. You can grab your copy here.