Burudu – Trading Noises

Burudu Trading Noises

Unarguably one of India’s finest musical exports in recent years, Burudu have consistently gone on to showcase some of their most mesmerising sounds in the form of music. And following the widely celebrated success of the duo’s debut album ‘Ditties‘, Nakul Sharma and Sahil Bhatia have finally come together once again for the unveil of their latest single, ‘Trading Noises‘. A scintillating piece of aural brilliance, Burudu’s newest effort turns over the page for the beginning of a new chapter in the outfit’s musical career.

Having built a space for themselves within the deeper arena of music through organic and moving soundscapes and the inclusion of their four-on-the-floor sensibilities, ‘Trading Noises‘ comfortably feels like the oncoming of a whole new and finer version of Burudu in the most resounding fashion. Accompanied by an equally stellar electronic flip of the original which complements the track’s release, listen to ‘Trading Noises‘ below.