Gig Alert: Red Bull Music Presents Antariksha Sanchar, New Delhi

Red Bull Music Presents Antariksha Sanchar

India’s first fantasy Bharatanatyam dance opera, Red Bull Music presents Antariksha Sanchar has swept the arts community off its feet across the country following its phenomenal debut in Mumbai this past week. And now come December 5th, Antariksha Sanchar will be finally revealed to the public in New Delhi at Kamani Auditorium.

The opera, presented by Red Bull Music, is scored by the Antariksha Sanchar Ensemble – a collective of Carnatic and electronic artists accompanied by visual performers and video game artists who are redefining the landscape of modern Indian digital expressions. The Antariksha Sanchar Ensemble is fronted by Hyderabad-based musician Murthovic, and visual artist Avinash Kumar, aka Thiruda (formely one half of BLOT!), the director of the soon-to-be-launched video game. The dance and choreography is crafted by Bharatanatyam exponent Jayalakshmi Eshwar.

The narrative of this cultural adventure takes the audience on a multi sensory, gripping journey to outer space, with the protagonist Ramanujan using the power of his dreams to navigate the challenges presented to him. The show narrative expands on mythological references to flight in Indian scriptures and popular culture – from stories of Hanuman and the Pushpaka Vimana to the Vaimanika Shastra, an early 20th century Sanskrit text on aerospace technology. Philosophical conversations, a unique Indian fantasy steampunk aesthetic, and a trans media ecosystem render the game as engaging, educative and a surprising peek into Indian culture interpreted by an emerging generation of Indian media artists. The dance opera is set to a unique Carnatic-electronic take on classic ragas with an ensemble of classical musicians, which also features modern technologies including drum machines and synthesizers.

For more information, you can head to their event page.

Event Details:

Venue: Kamani Auditorium, New Delhi
Time: Doors open at 7.30pm