Meet These 15 Women Who Are Running The Music Scene In India!

15 Women Indian Music Industry

The music industry in India continues to grow at a rapid pace with each passing day. And as we get introduced to multiple new exciting acts, both male and female, we at Bangin Beats have decided to put the spotlight on some of India’s most exceptional women who have been leading the way with their stunning works, surreal live performances and much more! In celebration of International Women’s Day, join us as we take a look at some of our favourite female acts from around the country.


Aditi RameshAditi Ramesh

Mumbai-based jazz/blues carnatic singer/songwriter and producer, Aditi Ramesh has been running the show over the past twelve months with her stellar live performances and truly breathtaking works. Having extensively worked with homegrown label Nrtya till date which also brought about the release of her highly successful debut EP ‘Autocorrect’, Aditi continues to win over crowds with her truly admirable craft.



New Delhi-based artist Pardafash continues to silently leave a mark with every record she works on. Lesser known as Sandhya Visvanathan, the talented vocalist had earlier made a mark with her contribution to Bengaluru-based trip-hop/electro acoustic outfit Machli. And with more recent features on tracks by the likes of Disco Puppet, Aniruddh Menon amongst others, the Consolidate member continues to whip up magic by using vocals as her primary instrument. With plans to hop onto music production in the coming days, Pardafash is one act you need to watch out for!



Unarguably a veteran in the game, Mumbai-based producer-composer-synth player-drummer Sandunes has quickly become one of the most visible female acts within India’s indie music scene. Having always stood out with her experimental take on electronic music, Sanaya Ardeshir boasts of a solid discography which consists of seven EPs and two albums. And with her never ending search for new and exciting sounds, we can always count on the DASTA co-founder to deliver every single time.


Raja Kumari

Raja Kumari

Photo Credit: Raja Kumari

One of the hottest names within the Indian hip-hop circuit at the moment, Raja Kumari has been running rampant with her lyrical genius and high octane live performances in recent months. An established act in her own right, the Indian-American act has made a name for herself in recent years with her signature sound: an eclectic fusion of hip-hop, R&B and her very own cultural influences. The LA-based act has been credited previously for her work on Iggy Azalea’s Grammy-nominated album ‘The New Classic‘ and Fall Out Boy’s platinum record ‘Centuries‘. With a solid 2017 in the bag which also saw her link up with fellow Mumbai-based MC Divine for their humongous record ‘City Slums’, we can’t wait for what Raja Kumari has in store for us next!


Monica DograMonica Dogra

The multi-hyphenated star that is Monica Dogra, the singer, spoken-word artist, performer, dancer, actor, writer and DJ initially rose to fame as the founder of one of India’s most popular independent outfit, Shaa’ir + Func. Having worked with the likes of Vishal Dadlani, Curtain Blue, Anushka Manchanda amongst several others in recent times, the veteran act continues to prove her mettle as one of today’s finest names in the industry.


Saba Azad (Mink)Saba Azad

Is there anything Saba Azad can’t do?! More popularly known as Mink to music fans around the country, the powerhouse vocalist has entertained audiences around the world as one-half of funk/nu-disco duo Madboy/Mink. Additionally having donned multiple roles as an actor, the talented act continues to excel at everything she does!


Smita Singh (AGENT)AGENT

Smita Singh aka AGENT dons several hats, and it is safe for us to say that she is one of the hardest working women in the industry! A Fashion designer, stylist, former events programmer at New Delhi’s famed music venue The Living Room and the proud co-founder of the mighty Magnetic Fields Festival, Smita does it all. Known for her love for pure, unadulterated dance music, she continues to operate as AGENT for her endeavours on the dance floor. Having performed as one half of ANUSHKA + AGENT, Smita also runs the Tsunami Soup Collective alongside Luna Toke which aims to treat audiences to fresh, unheard sounds with their eclectic performances.


Shivani Ahlowalia (Alo Wala)
Alo Wala

Shivani Ahlowalia is responsible for crafting some of the hottest global bass records in recent years as part of Copenhagen-based outfit Alo Wala. A boss woman in her own right, the Punjabi-Indian rapper is also a fierce activist who has never shied away from getting political with her music. And as she continues to explore exotic sounds and bolder themes and treat fans to her exciting works, what’s there to not love about her!


Begum X
Begum X

One of India’s most powerful female acts, Begum X aka Samara Chopra is in a league of her own. Renowned as the lead singer of her band The Ska Vengers and the co-owner of Bass Foundation Roots (BFR) Sound System along with Delhi Sultanate, the veteran name has treated audiences with her signature singing style whose roots lie within jazz and blues, reggae and ska. And if you’ve managed to catch her live in action, then you’re ought to know what we’re talking about!



New Delhi-based singer/composer Tarana Marwah aka Komorebi has come a long way to secure her position as one of India’s most accomplished acts in recent years! The ‘Little One’ creator is a trained vocalist and piano/ keyboard player who has also worked in the past with the Kamakshi Khanna Collective, folk trio RIVER and electronic group Tankbund. After initially grabbing the spotlight with her self-titled EP in 2015 which showcased her dreamy, downtempo sounds, the talented act recently released her debut album ‘Soliloquy’ which marked the beginning of an exciting new chapter in her adventurous journey. A stellar 8-track LP which boasted of collaborations with the likes of bassist prodigy Mohini Dey, Sohrab Nicholson and Warren Mendonsa, Tarana continues to play by her own rules, be it with her music or live performances.


Ramya PothuriRamya Pothuri

Ramya Pothuri isn’t your ordinary 21-year old! The Mumbai-based indie folk singer/songwriter is a seasoned artist who has already managed to garner a solid fanbase, thanks to her breezy live performances and breathtaking originals. Having become a staple figure within the live music circuit, Ramya’s growing discography boasts of a handful of singles and a stunning debut EP which was released in 2016. With plans to release more new music this year, make sure to watch out for the talented young musician!



India born, California raised singer/songwriter Zoya has a distinctive charm about her. As a Berklee College of Music alumni, the talented act has constantly impressed listeners with her outstanding works which include several singles and three albums. Known for her sincere and unique take on alternative pop and folk-inspired sounds, Zoya made a huge splash in 2017 with ‘Heart Rates’ which was produced by Mumbai-based producer Chrms. With no signs of slowing down, Zoya continues to win hearts with her sonically diverse, yet exciting songs.



Chennai-born, Mumbai-based singer/songwriter Maalavika Manoj aka Mali is quickly becoming one of the most delightful acts within the country’s music landscape! After dominating 2017 with her incredible ‘Rush’ EP, Maalavika’s growth as a musician in recent months has been a joy to watch. With her effervescent vocals which never fail to engage listeners, we can’t wait to see what 2018 holds for the talented artist.


Mohini DeyMohini Dey

Bass prodigy Mohini Dey is one of a kind! The Mumbai-based bassist has already shared the stage with legendary figures like Steve Vai, Guthrie Govan and Marco Minnemann in recent times. Known for her power packed presence on stage, Mohini has also been a part of AR Rahman’s live ensemble. And as she gears up to release her debut record in 2018, we can’t wait to treat ourselves to what the talented musician has in store for us!


Kavya Trehan (MOSKO)

Kavya Trehan

Photo Credit: Bryan Daniel

Kavya Trehan is a multi-faceted star who first grabbed the spotlight with MOSKO alongside Moses Kaul, which was brought to life by the two artists back in 2014. Having enthralled listeners with their eclectic mix of posh, groove laden electronica and smooth acoustic jams, Kavya is a musician, model and actor who has also collaborated with the likes of Nucleya, Dualist Inquiry, Curtain Blue and more in recent times. A talented figure who recently also launched her solo music project KAVYA, we’re excited to see what the New Delhi-based artist has in store for us.