Three Oscillators – Expedition [EP]

Three Oscillators Expedition EP

One of the most exciting acts within India’s electronic music scene at the moment, Three Oscillators have consistently fascinated listeners with an otherworldly take on their beloved craft. Comprised of Brij Dalvi and Avit Rane, the rising duo have now returned to action with their latest EP, ‘Expedition‘. With a stellar 2017 in the bag which saw them release the brilliant Transcendence EP and other tracks via Jwala, their brand new effort arrives as yet another defining body of work.

Boasting of five genre-defying creations, each of these make an attempt on taking listeners on an exploratory journey into their mystifying, yet bold soundscapes. Led by the soul stirring ‘Taking Flight‘, the EP’s titular offering arrives next, which might as well be its most exciting one. Highlighting the duo’s fearless approach, ‘Extraterrestrial Conversation‘ stands next in line to offer us with a complete trip.

A multi-dimensional experience which only goes on to become better with each passing second, ‘TILT!‘ announces its presence in its own unique, yet characteristic manner. A gorgeous showcase of sounds which portrays the brilliance of Three Oscillators’ music, it sees them demonstrate a careful balance of expression and control. Signing off with the dreamy ‘Nebula‘, their ‘Expedition‘ finally comes to a close, besides getting us excited for their future endeavours.

You can listen to the EP in full below.