One Of India’s Oldest Pop Culture Giants, Channel V Is Shutting Down!

Channel V

If you’re a 90’s kid, then it goes without saying that Channel V was an integral part of our yesteryears. Having remained as one of the coolest TV channels to hit airwaves for several years, the country’s youth shares a special connection with the Indian pop culture giant. As per reports which started to surface yesterday, it has now been revealed that the channel is all set to shut down.

Having started off as a channel which exclusively focused on music, Channel V has treated us to many other daily soaps and reality shows including Hit Machine, Get Gorgeous, Dare to Dare and The Buddy Project that have grown in popularity over the years. Additionally the channel has served as a platform for the rise of several popular Indian artists including VJs, actors and singers alike. With reports also suggesting that it is slated to be substituted by a Kannada sports channel, Channel V’s journey alongside the Indian youth has been a memorable one indeed.

H/T: Daily Social