Steve Angello Reignites Rumours Of Possible Swedish House Mafia Reunion!

Swedish House Mafia Reunion

All aboard on the hype train! Ever since the legendary trio Swedish House Mafia bid farewell to the dance music world with a final landmark performance at Ultra Miami in 2013, there have been multiple rumours that have cropped up every now and then, hinting at their monumental reunion. While it hasn’t managed to reap any success till now, the rumour mill is up and running, thanks to some major activities which took place on social media last night.

With Swedish House Mafia’s official Instagram and Twitter handle which was swiped clean of any posts, 1/3 of SHM, Steve Angello also started following his former partners in crime, Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso on Instagram. While this doesn’t necessarily confirm the chances of a possible reunion, people of the Internet were quick to point at Ultra’s 20th Anniversary which has asked fans to “expect the unexpected” and has even mentioned “special anniversary performances.

But unfortunately, as reported by Your EDM, Angello confirmed to a fan in a DM that he is booked for gigs in Asia during the time of Ultra 2018, which not only rules out chances of a SHM reunion, but an appearance during Miami Music Week entirely. And by no means, are we keeping our hopes up, but stay tuned for further updates regarding the latest rumour that has already sent die hard fans into a frenzy yet again!

H/T: Your EDM