Shiyana x Hyde – The Bad in the Good [EP]


Shiyana might be a newbie on the block, but she is all set to make a mark within the music industry with her brand new EP! For the three-track ‘The Bad in the Good‘ EP, the talented Mumbai-based singer/songwriter has joined forces with rising producer Hyde for a stellar debut outing. Having previously been featured on hit tracks like ‘Into the Light‘ and ‘Lost‘, her latest release is a breath of fresh air within the indie music space in the Indian subcontinent.

Kicking off the proceedings with the recently released single ‘Trip‘, Shiyana and Hyde show off their collaborative power with an evocative jam which pairs the singer’s moody vocals with a chill, yet powerful production work. Additionally, the track has already garnered nearly 300k views on YouTube alone, and continues to receive good reception from the audience.

Next in line is the ethereal and equally breathtaking single ‘Sea Of Voices‘. Boasting of a dynamic pop leaning indie-electronic sound which continues to become synonymous with Hyde’s sonic identity, the stunning effort led by swirling synths and echoing vocals is a surreal experience in its own right. With ‘Mood Swings‘, listeners are treated to an epic finale which sees the female talent grab the spotlight with a solid vocal performance on top of a euphoric production.

Shiyana talked about her debut EP in a press statement saying:

“The Bad in the Good is about the flaws I have, the ones I began to recognise in myself. It’s not always easy to stay positive, sometimes you’re forced to face your flaws and your fears and everything else that comes with them. This EP is my release of all these bottled up feelings and my ways of dealing with them.”

Talking about his latest collaboration, Hyde explained:

“I’ve made music before, shot videos before, done shows before but NEVER like this, this is me starting fresh with the best. With this EP there were no creative boundaries, no strategy of making a viral song, a catchy song. It’s pure emotion. It’s true to the character of what each song needs. I’m happy Shiyana & I were on the same page of making music that moves people and doesn’t sound like just another set of songs out there. THE BAD IN THE GOOD EP is my masterpiece in terms of music and very close to me. I feel extremely ecstatic to have been able to deliver these three songs in a way that the music is neither over shadowed by the vocals nor over powered by my music. It’s a perfect balance.”

An impressive body of work featuring some of the freshest sounds on offer courtesy the two acts, ‘The Bad in the Good‘ is a stunning offering from Shiyana and Hyde which deserves a listen.

Stream the EP in full on Saavn. You can grab your copy via iTunes.