EXCLUSIVE: Pune-Based Producer Aimsir. Reflects On Time With Bold New EP ‘Time Is All We Have.’

Aimsir. Time Is All We Have

You may or may not have heard of Aimsir., but this young producer from Pune has been silently crafting some of the most mind boggling music you can treat yourself to. After closing down 2017 with his stellar abstract.us. EP, Aimsir. returned to action soon after with his breathtaking single ‘preta.‘ last month. And for his latest release, Yatharth asserts ‘time is all we have‘. Befittingly the title of his brand new 4-track EP, he makes use of his craft as a vessel to bring his simple, yet striking concepts to life.

Talking about the concept behind his latest project, he tells us “it was a simple concept that stressed on how the stories I wish to share are confined by the time the music lasts, how everything is limited by time and so on. In hindsight I now feel this concept to be generic and lacked the depth my current art is known for and I strive for on a daily basis, so I began to play around with the word “time” and created mind maps for it.

With its visceral opening track ‘3 A.M.‘, Aimsir. seems to deliver a personal anecdote while mysteriously also shedding light on broader emotions. Next up is the warmer, yet adventurous ‘metanoia.‘. With its slow and delicate unraveling, the beatless intro breaks down half way to transport listeners to an alternate space which seems supremely controlled while offering room for contemplation. Talking to Yatharth about the concept behind the EP and what he hopes his listeners would feel, he explains:

“The initial ideas and concepts I had developed for the EP did not satisfy me in terms of its depth and specificity. So, the idea was to develop a concept that was general yet created a space for the listener to relate to in a personal manner. Hence, I chose to represent the experiences I have faced since I began college 5 months ago. I believe all of us go through these experiences, the cycle of euphoria and anxiety, settling down and feeling less/wanting more again and so on. Whenever anyone starts fresh, in my case, joining college, there is a feeling of euphoria yet a sense of anxiety that grows on us. With the passage of time, everything becomes still and clear, you see a new perspective to the things around you. You desire for more or choose to stray away from what you see until something new demands your attention and the cycle goes on. Therefore, I hope listeners are able to relate to this cycle of emotions that are bound by time and learn to accept them rather than wanting to go back.”

The emotional intensity surrounding his latest body of work seems to peak on ‘cacoethes.‘, but that doesn’t see Aimsir. lose focus of the matters he needs to address. Placing his listeners in a spacey, ambient bubble, the brooding piece seems to be one of his strongest creations till date. ‘Time is all we have. Make the most of it.“, says Aimsir for one last time as the proceedings comes to a close with ‘hamartia.‘.

Arguably the strongest record from the EP, the fleeting track makes sure to pack the maximum amount of sonic space while moving towards different emotional directions. An unsettling, yet transcendental experience that is poised to stick around for a while, Aimsir.’s growth continues to be a joy to witness. Known for his unique and engrossing take on storytelling, he spoke to us about what lies next for him:

“With each of these projects, I get the opportunity to learn a lot. My process of composing music involves 2/3rds of research, introspection and more on the themes and subjects associated with them and 1/3rd on production of the music. So the next step is to continue learning as much as I can, read up on different subjects and hopefully in turn develop innovative ways to share stories that go beyond the audio-visual experience.”

Moreover, when asked about his plans for the rest of 2018, Yatharth touched upon a number of things including possible collaborations, his ambitious project that has been in the works for the last three years and even performing live more frequently.

“I wish to collaborate with visual artists and UX/UI designers for a particular project of mine that has been underway for the last 3 years and release it by the end of this year. Apart from this, I intend on performing live on a frequent basis after learning a lot from my debut performance last year in September. With these going forward, I wish to refine my ability to share stories through my art.”

You can listen to the EP in full below. And make sure to grab your copy here.