Karan Kanchan x Natalia Natchan – Trap Bandit [Free Download]

Karan Kanchan Trap Bandit

Our very own Kawaii Killer, Karan Kanchan has been in red hot form lately with a string of stellar releases under his belt! Fresh off dropping ‘Namasensei‘ and Nuri‘ with Kalmi, the Omniphat member is now back with another brand new track to tantalize your senses.

Titled ‘Trap Bandit‘, his collaboration with Natalia Natchan is a raucous and wild journey into his J-trap world. Accompanied by the Japan-based act’s cute, yet hard hitting vocals, the rising producer’s latest effort is yet another bold step in his ongoing journey to conquer greater heights.

As told by Karan, the track came to life after he discovered the American-born singer/DJ and YouTuber on SoundCloud. What followed was Natalia sending him some amazing rap verses on top of a shitty Internet beat. As the rising producer says,

“When I heard it for the first time, I ended up realising that it matched with the new track that I was working on as the tempo was also close. So I immediately asked her to send the acapella, and then mixed it with my track and they bonded like they were almost meant to.”

Out now as a free download, listen to the track below.