Lowlit – Better Late | Volume 2

Lowlit Better Late Vol. 2

The last time we featured Lowlit was when they decided to make a spectacular debut with their Better Late Vol. 1 compilation! Released back in May 2016, the Indian artist collective and record label’s stunning effort boasted of some of the most forward thinking electronica from talented homegrown producers including _RHL, Kumail, The Sine Painter amongst many more. Founded by Nikhil Kaul aka Frame/Frame and Vishnu P.S aka Soulspace, Lowlit’s brand new compilation has now been released which picks up right from where it left.

For Better Late Vol. 2, seasoned Mumbai-based act Schlick kicks off the proceedings with ‘Acres‘. A beautiful introduction to the 7-track project, the dreamy cut oscillates between its hypnotizing charm and melodic attitude to make up for a memorable creation. Next up is Shatrunjai Dewan aka Monophonik whose technical and musical abilities shine through yet again on his latest track ‘Untitled‘. Block-2‘s ‘You Can‘ is a futuristic and equally colourful product which adds towards the flair of the body of work.

A highly awaited comeback from Frame/Frame, his prime new cut ‘Ringing Rocks‘ is a fulfilling sonic adventure for listeners! What almost sounds like a narrative-driven effort, the track makes us travel to ethereal landscapes led by an infectious progression. Emotive and mysterious, Nikhil puts his masterful production skills under the spotlight for an addictive tune which you can expect to hear at dance floors around the country. As we move further ahead, Schivein Grover aka Muteverb dishes out his near perfect debut release with ‘My Heart Is Broken‘.

Sanil Sudan aka FILM delivers the penultimate offering with ‘Everyone Needs Closure‘. With its intriguing melodies and spellbinding rhythms which hold the track together, its awe-worthy synths build the atmosphere as the masterpiece steadily unfolds throughout its seven-minute proceedings. A world-class percussive soundscape which adds to its aura, it would be foolish not to recognise it as one of the finest Indian releases of 2017. As the action draws to a close, the debut collaborative effort of OX7GEN and Schlick aka Solr aids the compilation to go out on a high with ‘Searching‘. A moody, mellifluous creation which only further stands as a testament to the two acts’ musical prowess, their latest release easily stands out as one of the most satisfactory pieces we’ve come across recently.

An exceptionally well-curated project courtesy Lowlit which certainly sounds like a well-knit project, it is more than just incredible to see a batch consisting of some of India’s finest producers deliver a collective piece of work which lives up to the idea of it being recognised as an album!

Without further ado, jump down below and stream the compilation below. Don’t forget to grab your copy here.