Jwala 003 – Connected

Jwala Connected

Undeniably one of India’s hottest collectives at the moment, Jwala are back with the third installment of their monthly compilation series! Following an impressive debut onto the scene back in June this year, the forward-thinking group consisting of some of the most innovative homegrown talents have now delivered ‘Connected‘. A 9-track effort which also features contributions from Jwala mates, its strongest point turns out to be its diverse blend of sounds to which listeners are treated to.

Two compilations old, Jwala’s latest work represents maturity in their sense of mindful curation, alongside introducing us to several previously undiscovered talents who rightfully have the potential to rise even further! Kicking off the proceedings is ‘Heaven Above‘ by 15-year old act Cash which is a solid masterclass in crafting ambient soundscapes. An 8 minute long journey which then leads to ‘Oéldina‘, the stunning creation courtesy Goa-based artist Rowan Serrão might be one of the best out of the lot! Rich synths, haunting vocals pave the way before an absolutely gorgeous piano fill provides the track with the perfect outro. Next up is Palash Kothari aka sparkle & fade who once again manages to impress with his newest creation titled ‘Found A Music Software In My Cereal Box‘. Signature whimsical sounds coupled with it serene counterparts do the trick on this one.

Mumbai-based act Luna Toke joins in on the action with ‘Birds‘ which sees him conjure up a strangely unique concoction of tribal, offbeat percussion and rhythms and house-inspired sounds. Bangalore-based act Big Trouble proves to be yet another interesting find as the solo project of Tanush Hegde blends future and funk-inspired sounds for his latest treat ‘Anhedonia‘. Ahmedabad-based talents Resonare and Aeon Waves aka Kanishk Budhori make solid contributions in the form of ‘Felicity‘ and ‘Thousand Broken Promises‘ respectively, with the latter also drawing the curtains in an emotive, fast-paced fashion. The 17-year old wunderkind aka chrms blows minds with ‘Arcade Night‘ only to be followed up by an extra ‘Spicy‘, bass-filled main course courtesy Aloo Gobi.

Connected‘ is yet another masterful body of work courtesy Jwala who not only continues to put out music from their own artists, but also aim to serve as a platform for several budding Indian producers who wish to be discovered within this enormous scene.

You can stream the compilation below.