7 Things We Learnt From Nucleya’s Facebook Q&A!


Earlier today, Nucleya took to Facebook for a live Q&A which saw him get candid on a variety of topics, ranging from forthcoming new music, his brand new AV show ‘Sub Cinema‘, a massive India tour that is currently under the works and much more. Drop down below and check out what all we learnt from his interesting Q&A.

1. The follow up to his Raja Baja album isn’t coming this year!

While we’re used to getting a new album from Nucleya on an annual basis, the bass heavyweight revealed that extensive touring in 2017 hasn’t allowed him to work on his LP! But fret not, as he assured fans that he has a number of singles on the way, including tracks for two Bollywood movies and some other high-profile collaborations! With his forthcoming album set to arrive in 2018 which he has already begun working on, set the countdown in place.

2. Nucleya Explained Why He Takes A Six Month Break Every Year!

The man is known to dominate the festival season in India every year! After destroying multiple cities across the country with his bass-heavy performances, Nucleya makes sure of it to go on a six month hiatus. Every thought why? As explained by himself, Udyan likes to spend time with his family and doesn’t want to overdo it. Citing the importance of keeping a balance in life, it enables him to keep his music fresh every single time and work on every single aspect of his supreme creations!

3. Nucleya’s Brand New Show ‘Sub Cinema’ Is All Set To Entertain Fans!

Earlier this month, Nucleya teamed up with Sunburn Festival to announce his brand new show ‘Sub Cinema’! Set to make its debut in Mumbai this Sunday, the exciting new live show is a unique AV experience which is going to be the ultimate amalgamation of music and visuals, and is essentially, a tribute to Indian pop culture.

4. A Massive India Tour Is In The Works!

As confirmed by Nucleya’s manager Tej Brar during the Q&A, the Sub Cinema show is set to hit 28 cities across the country in the coming months! And in the next few days, a humongous 40-city tour will be announced by the man himself which fans need to watch out for.

5. Nucleya Doesn’t Wish To Launch A Label At All!

You read that one right! As per Udyan, he doesn’t hold any kind of interest in launching a music label in the near future. Citing a lack of expertise and manpower as the main reason behind it, he did peak fans’ attention by saying that he is open to the idea of building a music school where he would not teach music production but also expose students to the “art within music.

6. Nucleya Premiered A Brand New Song During The Livestream!

Fans were in for a major surprise as Tej Brar and Nucleya agreed upon sharing a brand new song by the ‘Koocha Monster‘ hit maker. According to Udyan, the track was finished by him only last night. And if the short preview is anything to go by which you can check out below at the 23:20 mark, it looks like Nucleya has some certified bangers waiting to be unleashed.

7. Nucleya Is Currently Working On A Brand New Track For Anurag Kashyap’s Upcoming Movie!

As confirmed by Nucleya earlier this year, he has been working on a song with fellow rapper Divine for renowned Indian film director Anurag Kashyap’s forthcoming movie ‘Mukkabaaz‘. During the Q&A, he spoke about how he was approached by the director, and how much appreciation he showed for his music! With the movie reportedly set to be released by the end of this year, fans can gear up for another belter of a collaboration between him and Divine.

You can watch the full Q&A session below.