Martin Garrix Talks About Linkin Park Collaboration And Upcoming Music In Latest Interview

2016 was a monumental year for Martin Garrix. Launching his own record label, headlining some of the biggest music festivals in the world as well as releasing a great amount of music, the Dutch DJ/producer has come a long way since he broke out with ‘Animals’ in 2013.  One of Garrix’s highlights from 2016 was his headlining performance at Ultra Miami, where he premiered a bunch of new music to the delight of many fans, including collaborations with the likes of Ed Sheeran, Bebe Rexha as well as Linkin Park.

It’s been a year ever since, but fans are still waiting for the release of the highly awaited collaboration with Linkin Park, and Garrix has now given a little update to the track. During an interview with 103.5 Kiss FM host Erik Zachary, the ‘Scared To Be Lonely’ hitmaker discusses the track, hinting at an official release in the coming future. Martin also confirmed that he’s working on the radio follow up to ‘There For You‘, while also revealing he has a lot of new music coming out this year.

The collaboration, which is tentatively titled ‘Waiting For Tomorrow‘ features Mike Shinoda on the vocals, and is also rumoured to have been co-produced by Pierce Fulton, but those rumors have been shot down pretty quick. Back in 2015, Garrix shared a picture of him in studio with Shinoda on Instagram, which leads us to believe that both the artists were working on the same track back then. With Linkin Park‘s latest album featuring a lot of electronic elements, it’d be interesting to see how the collaboration turns out.

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