MasterSounds And Union Audio Announce New Analogue Rotary DJ Mixer, Radius 4

Last year in November, MasterSounds and Union Audio released Radius 2, a 2-channel analogue rotary DJ mixer. With its premium quality and rich sound, it was only natural to release a 4-channel version. So, both the UK companies have continued their successful partnership with the release of Radius 4.

The Radius 4 has been developed by Union Audio at their Cornwall based workshops. The company is led by Andy Rigby-Jones, former head of design for the world-renowned Allen & Heath Xone DJ mixer range for 14 years. The man has personally designed, built and tested the analogue electronics, whilst MasterSounds founder Ryan Shaw’s family owned metalworking factory manufactures the mixers outer casing.

The best thing about analogue mixers is their rich and lively sound, the characteristics they add. Each mixer is lovingly hand built, tested and shipped directly from Union Audio, ensuring the ultimate in quality, reliability and performance.

Apart from the stunning design, the Radius 4 offers a fantastic clean, open and dynamic sound on both LINE and RIAA inputs across all 4 channels. The mixer features easy-reading backlit VU Meters, a responsive Master EQ, a smooth natural sounding Hi-Pass Filter, and Aux Send on each channel. A new and unique feature is the ability to reconfigure the Aux Return inputs as a Mix Buss Insert, giving the user unparalleled flexibility for FX integration, simply at the press of a button. Last but not the least, the mixer packs two mic inputs, making it a perfect addition to the DJ booths around the world!

The prices of Radius 4 start at £1450 including VAT, and £1600 including VAT for the even higher specification version, both available in black and silver colour options. Check out more about this premium product from here.

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