Watch This: MALFNKTION And Shayan Roy Come Together For Memorable New Collaboration, ‘Vincent Chase Slippin’

MALFNKTION Vincent Chase Slippin'

Bengaluru-based beatmaker MALFNKTION has been on the come up for a while now! Known for his amazingly creative and refreshing beats, the talented producer has made a name for himself courtesy his signature sample-based work. And now for his latest single, Aditya Alamuru has served up something truly special. Titled ‘Vincent Chase Slippin’‘, his brand new creation arrives as the outcome of an impressive collaboration with Buzzfeed India personality Shayan Roy. And while the people of the Internet know him for his witty humor and entertaining sketches, the record in focus sees him put the spotlight on his rapping skills.

On ‘Vincent Chase Slippin’‘, MALFNKTION crafts a wholesome mix of hip-hop and electronic music alongside drawing influences from sounds of the Indian streets. A bumpy, sonic ride which Shayan hops on top of for an adventurous lyric outing, Aditya and Shayan’s debut joint effort seems fit for every house party happening out there. Accompanied by an equally interesting and entertaining music video that will keep you hooked on to it till the last second, head down below and check out ‘Vincent Chase Slippin”.