Mug£n – Genesis [EP]

Mug£n - Genesis

Earlier last month, Mumbai-based act Mug£n treated us to the first single off his brand new Genesis EP! And now with the release of the 5-track project, Suvam Debnath showcases his musical skills which spans genres like downtempo, ambient and beyond. Having firt caught our attention with his fine contribution to jwala’s second compilation, his debut EP certainly sounds like a cohesive body of work which listeners can connect to upon their first listen.

A rare feature indeed, we are greeted upon pressing play with ‘Mr. Shrink‘. Setting the tone for the rest of the tracks to follow with its mellow mood which steadily sets in, Suvam never allows us to get too comfortable at any point of time. A minimal yet effective approach which stands out as the producer’s defining trait, he makes sure to let a few sparks fly with the gorgeous ‘Wallflower‘ before going on to impress us even further with ‘Miscommunication‘. At the end of it all, ‘Sad Beginnings Have Happy Endings‘ hits shores like a wave, only to connect all the dots besides reigniting a sense of hope.

A transcendental experience which explores a range of moods throughout its brief, yet memorable journey, ‘Genesis‘ is an exceptional offering from Mug£n. Out now via nrtya, listen to the EP below.