Kalmi feat. Karan Kanchan – Nuri [Free Download]

Kalmi Nuri

There hasn’t been a more exciting time to be a part of the growing electronic music scene in the country! As talented acts from around the country continue to grab our attention with their stunning releases, the latest name to blow us out of the water is Kalmi. Lesser known as Kalimireddy Nikhil, the Visakhapatnam-based producer has joined forces with fellow homegrown act Karan Kanchan for a massive new tune!

Titled ‘Nuri’, the blistering effort gives listeners a taste of what to expect from the newcomer, while also working in tandem with Karan for a fine collaborative outing. A ruthless, bass-filled journey led by an abrasive synth lead, the track remains ruthless throughout the proceedings as frenetic basslines and bone rattling drums fire on all cylinders for a thrilling sonic ride.

Out now via Otodayo Records as a free download, listen to ‘Nuri’ below.