Andrew Bayer – Need Your Love/ Detuned/ England EP

Andrew Bayer Need Your Love England Detuned

Don’t you just love it when you get so many goodies at one go? Everyone does! We do too! That’s why when Andrew Bayer dropped his latest EP, Team Bangin were ecstatic!

The newest EP from Anjunabeats, contains three of Andrew Bayer’s most anticipated productions. The uber bouncy, England, the ultra groovy club mix for Need Your Love, and the gritty, grimey, Detuned. Andrew Bayer who achieved critical acclaim ever since his debut album, recently received a barrage of accolades, mentions and adulation for his sophomore album, If It Were You, We’d Never LeaveExperimental, musical and full of heart-lifting melodic moments, the album’s home-listening vibes sat outside of the club arenas that Bayer normally finds himself in.  Now, we get this bag of treats with three wholesome, club friendly tunes, all with Andrew Bayer’s signature genius added to it.

Here’s a track by track breakdown of this super awesome goody bag from Anjunabeats!

Andrew Bayer – Need Your Love (Club Mix)

Starting off with a regular 4/4 beat and a heavy synth horn type sub-bass, sampling the original’s vocals in the background, it set’s the mood for a very bouncy record. Till it breaks to a fading dream-like synth bridge, much like the original, with the original’s piano scale being played.  It then picks up with a piano chord progression that most say sound akin to Swedish House Mafia’s Leave The World Behind. (Note: The ‘Leave The World Behind’ piano sample is borrowed from Julian Jabre’s ‘Swimming Places‘ , a  favorite of the Swedish trio. ‘Need Your Love‘ sounds a bit familiar but its far from a rip off from SHM.)  The build up here is what really get’s you into the whole vibe. Andrew Bayer has this unique way of nestling you to the pinnacle of his record and then just letting you loose. The drop is what got us all dancing in our seats.

Andrew Bayer – England (Original Mix)

We first heard this super bouncy track on Anjunabeats Vol 10, and it was love at first sound. The edgy harmonising of the sub-bass, and synth line and hook. It’s one hell of a earworm. A perfect club destroyer with a gorgeous breakdown, with elements of a dreamlike soundscape that features a haunting vocal sample, chimes and crystals that perfectly build up to a break before the massive hook comes around again and gives way to an almost anthemic, big room drop.

Andrew Bayer – Detuned (Original Mix)

Almost every Dance Music fan would definitely had to have tuned into Above & Beyond‘s historic show commemorating their 450th and final episode of Trance Around The World, and the very first episode of their newest radio show, Group Therapy.  Amongst the line up was, of course, Andrew Bayer. Many have hailed this set as one of his best ever. For those of you who remember, he started off his set with an unreleased production that had everyone mystified. Starting off slow and unassumingly with haunting piano work, glitchy elements and a deep saw riff. At first it had all the elements of an ambient or chill-out track, as was the case with most of Andrew Bayer’s recent work.  Then there was a sudden pause, and BOOM! a deep resounding bassline and hard wobbles  literally blew everyone off their feet. For the most part, people had a hard time coming to terms wit the fact that Andrew Bayer had just dropped a massive bass-heavy dubstep tune, and even more so that it was so succulent, juicy, wholesome and delicious. The sound scaping was absolutely phenomenal. It had so many elements that all fit together so beautifully and elegantly. It was serene and grimey at the same time.  We later learned that it was called Detuned, and couldn’t wait for it’s release. This single production is testament to the fact that division by genres are a silly concept and how producers shouldn’t use them as a handicap whilst producing.

This is one EP every dance fan must have. It’s brilliant music from one of the most talent producers out there. You can buy this EP off beatport here.

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