Prateek Kuhad Releases Brand New Song, ‘Tum Jab Paas’

Prateek Kuhad

Prateek Kuhad is without a doubt one of the finest singer/songwriters we have in the country today. The Delhi based musician, who’s behind hits such as ‘Tune Kaha’, ‘Oh Love’, ‘Go’ and many more, has enchanted fans with his mellow voice, accompanied with his unique blend of minimal, folk arrangements and pop rock melodies. 3 months after his last track, ‘Dil Beparwah‘ in collaboration with Ankur Tewari for The Dewarists, Prateek is back with a brand new track, titled ‘Tum Jab Paas‘.

Reminiscing about first loves and relationships, Prateek Kuhad paints quite a surreal picture with the evocative lyrics, taking you on a nostalgic walk down memory lane with a sweet music video. Talking about the track, Prateek says:

Tum Jab Paas is centred around the pronounced yet conflicting feelings of intimacy and vulnerability, that come with being in love. Hopefully, listening to the song will make one feel something honest and real. 

Check out the track here below!

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