After releasing a delightful new single just a couple of weeks ago, ace producer Jon Gooch aka Feed Me is back again with yet another incredible complextro tune. Aptly titled “Alarm Clock”, the track features repetitive piano infused synths intertwined with splendid pounding drums and pumping bass-lines that are sure to have you bouncing of the walls. The track packs in a serene/atmospheric breakdown in the middle that lulls the listener into a dreamlike soundscape. Interestingly, the vocals during the breakdown are by none other than the Gooch himself.

Shortly before posting the track, Feed Me posted on Facebook and let us know that his upcoming EP won’t be featuring any collaborations. So for those of you who have been waiting for the release of Feed Me’s epic collaboration with Skrillex are unfortunately going to have to hold on a little longer; though just knowing that these two legendary producers are baking something special for us, we’re sure it will be well worth the wait!

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