Watch This: Fopchu Craft A Visual Trip With Brand New Music Video For ‘Chapel O Fopalop’

Fopchu Chapel O Fopalop Music Video

New Delhi-based electronic band Fopchu have been quick to garner some well-deserved attention with their funky and idiosyncratic take on the genre. And following the critical success of their debut EP, ‘Milk Bred‘ which was released late last year via Recordings, the three-piece outfit has now shared a brand new music video for one of the EP’s more popular cuts, ‘Chapel O Fopalop‘ featuring Father G-Cuz (Kartik Pillai). Made in collaboration with design and animation company Improper, the newly unveiled effort for this off-kilter tune sees them craft a visual trip, complete with cheeky and fun-filled motion goodness. Talking about their latest visuals, Fopchu said in a statement:

“When we got in touch with Improper, they heard the songs (we had two song choices at the time for a video cut), and they sent us some grimy hip-hop animation loops as a reference. We dug the direction immediately. From there on out, we were in constant touch, and worked with them to conceptualise the idea for what the video eventually became. As for its total wackiness, that’s all them, and it works perfectly for us.”

Watch the music video for ‘Chapel O Fopalop‘ below.