Gully Gang Records Comes To Life With The Unveil Of ‘Gully Gang Cypher’ Featuring Shah Rule, D’Evil, Aavrutti & Karan Kanchan

Gully Gang Cypher

One of India’s biggest hip-hop acts, DIVINE has finally served up the first release from his recently launched label, Gully Gang Records. With the unveil of ‘Gully Gang Cypher‘, the Mumbai-based heavyweight hopes to put the spotlight on the emerging talent from the country’s hip-hop community as the label gears up to share many more exciting releases in the near future.

Produced by Shah Rule and Karan Kanchan, the high octane multilingual cypher makes up for a grand welcome for the listeners as fellow Mumbai-based quartet Aavurtti (Sammohit, Sledge, Saifan, Frenzzy), Shah Rule and D’Evil jump in on the action with their ruthless flow and punchy lyricism. Accompanied by an exciting new music video, the Joel D’souza-directed visuals make sure to match up to the record’s unmatched intensity. Talking about the highly anticipated release, DIVINE says:

“I never imagined I would say this but I’m thrilled to put out our first project as a team in form of a cypher which is the rawest form of rap with lyrics being the soul. I love every verse on that beat because it’s all different and everyone came with their own style. This is one of my favourite songs that has come from the scene. There’s Punjabi, there’s Hindi, Bambaiya Hindi, English, Hinglish…it’s a problem! I can’t wait to see how people react!”

Moreover, this massive collaboration will be launched as part of a new club-focused hip-hop property called The Scene in Mumbai on May 22. It will be a multi-city recurring property/club tour and will feature talent from the Gully Gang roster and promising local talent in each city.

Check out ‘Gully Gang Cypher‘ below.