Boys Noize And Skrillex Reunite As Dog Blood For First Project In Six Years With ‘Turn Off The Lights’ EP

Dog Blood Turn Off The Lights EP

Photo Credit: Marilyn Hue

Skrillex and Boys Noize have finally returned as Dog Blood for their new EP, ‘Turn Off The Lights‘. The four-track EP marks their first full project since the 2013-released ‘Middle Finger Pt. 2‘ and brings the same high-energy experimentation that earned Dog Blood its cult following since their 2012 debut and highly acclaimed Coachella 2013 set.

The duo has teased new music over the years, but earlier this April they confirmed a new EP as well as a string of shows across several festivals in North America. The project was officially unveiled with the title track ‘Turn Off The Lights‘, which now accompanies three new tracks including collaborations with OWSLA regulars josh pan & X&G and Otira.

Led by the raw and heavy ‘Break Law‘ which stitches together a catchy Punjabi vocal sample along with a thumping trap-laced break, ‘4 Mind‘ and ‘Kokoe‘ serve their purpose as authentic dance-floor killers as the two ruthless cuts tread right about anywhere from bass to techno and beyond. With the EP coming to a momentous close with the titular track, Dog Blood’s official comeback feels rightfully grand and exciting.

Listen to ‘Turn Off The Lights‘ EP below.