Dolorblind – Vacuum Black Hue

Dolorblind Vacuum Black Hue

After maintaining several months of radio silence, New Delhi-based beatmaker Dolorblind finally returned to the surface earlier today with the release of his brand new single, ‘Vacuum Black Hue‘. And while his previous releases have offered listeners with an expansive palette of sounds to familiarize themselves with, Rohan Sinha’s latest effort easily stands out as one of his most memorable output till date.

On ‘Vacuum Black Hue‘, Dolorblind effectively brings his love for hip-hop into the picture along with his dystopian take on ambient-inspired sounds, all of which culminate into the creation of a vicious, yet serene sonic design. And while describing it as ‘post-apocalyptic‘ wouldn’t actually do justice to his creative genius, the indeterminate nature of ‘Vacuum Black Hue‘ might just be its strongest ally.

Listen to the track below.