PREMIERE: Baajewala – Gando Wando

Baajewala Gando Wando

One of India’s fastest rising bass music acts, Baajewala has been making some major moves since earlier last year. And with 2019 already off to a brilliant start with the recent release of his explosive remix of UZ’s ‘Futon, the young producer is now back in action with unarguably his biggest release till date. Making his full fledged debut on Quality Goods Records, Baajewala has served up a fiery, new 5-track EP titled ‘Hell Raiden‘. And we at TBB are bringing you the premiere of one of the record’s most experimental, yet super high octane cut, ‘Gando Wando‘. Fresh off the EP’s highly anticipated release, we also managed to catch up with the man himself behind the project to talk about the track, ‘Hell Raiden‘, working with QGR, future plans and much more.

Read on.


TBB: Hey Yash! Congratulations on the release of your latest EP on Quality Good Records! Before we begin, can you tell our readers a bit about yourselves?

Baajewala: Thanks a lot! My name is Yash. I come from a small town called ‘Betul’ in India. I have been working on music for about 9 years now, but I finally took it seriously 2 years ago. Growing up, I listened to local tribal music or the cheesy Bollywood stuff that was played in my area. When I discovered the Internet at a very early age, I started digging for new and cool stuff. I taught myself how to play the keys, the guitar and pretty much everything else after that I could find tutorials for on YouTube. I also used to make instrumental cover videos of Bollywood songs for YouTube that later got me into making my own original stuff. I was always good in school too, but it always seemed boring to me. It was the last year of my Computer Science degree when I realized I want to make music for the rest of my life and not just sit in front of a computer and code software. I still sometimes feel like I want to do that, but it’s mostly for the random creative ideas that I get in my head.


TBB: Talk to us about the track in hand, ‘Gando Wando’. What was the main inspiration and idea behind it?

Baajewala: ‘Gando Wando’ was fun to make. The chipmunk-ish rap part in the intro came from a Bollywood song called ‘Bum Bum Bole’. The video of the song pictures a schoolteacher trying to teach the children by singing out the lesson to them. I have got a lot of kids in my family, and all of them love this song, so I decided to sample it. I like experimenting a lot with sounds. Experimentation just keeps the workflow interesting for me. I once made a song out of only Donkey sounds and it turned out mad. In Gando Wando, I was playing around with random vocals samples that I had chopped from various Bollywood songs and then I added that gnarly fat bass to lay it around those vocals and it worked out great!


TBB: Coming to your EP, you’ve secured your spot as the first Indian producer to release a project via UZ’s label. How long did it take for you to put together the entire 5-track project? Can you tell us a bit about the whole experience?

Baajewala: It has been a pleasure working with UZ and QGR. It almost took 9 months to finish and finalize these tracks. I loved the music that QGR had been putting out especially from Ian Munro, sumthin sumthin and Hydraulix. They’ve been a huge influence in the making of this whole EP. I caught UZ’s attention when Ramzoid and the whole Micro Men gang streamed my song ‘Lunatic’ on their YouTube live stream. It eventually ended up on a Reddit forum and UZ supported it and asked me to send him more music. He really liked what I sent him and asked me to do a full EP for QGR. Working on an EP is such a hectic task to be honest, unlike working on a single where you literally don’t have to worry about having a storyline. An EP just makes it more complicated sound-wise where you have to keep it all uniform and consistent or it wouldn’t sound nice together. My favorite track out of the whole EP would be ‘Mixed Emotions’, it was the one I made during a very tough time I was having in my life. UZ and QGR really helped me finish that one.


TBB: You recently made your debut on Quality Goods Records with the release of your remix of UZ’s ‘Futon’. How did you manage to come across that opportunity?

Baajewala: I was already working on the EP for QGR before UZ asked me to do the remix. It was a huge opportunity to be able to remix his song and to be featured along with all the big names in the Bass music scene. The melody in the original track really inspired me. And that’s why I decided to remix Futon. I didn’t really have any specific plans or ideas before starting the remix but it all just happened so spontaneously, I recorded some vocals for the intro and the bridge and the melody for the drop just struck me. The track eventually came out to have that ethnic Indian vibe to it because that’s what I grew up with. The biggest challenge with the remix was deciding whether I wanted to make it go hard like all the other remixes on the EP or just do my own thing. I am really happy with how it turned out and glad I decided to stick to my sound.


TBB: Who are your main influences in the music world? Any standout producers to you that have kept you inspired of late?

Baajewala: Ustaad Bismillah Khan and AR Rahman were a huge part of my musical discovery growing up. Ustaad Ji is an OG Shehnai player. Indian classical music was an important part of my school life as we had to perform Raagas and a lot of classical music during different school functions and music competitions. Also AR Rahman is the master of deep atmospheres that he creates with all his songs. His music is so immersive and I loved that quality about him. Also, he was the youngest composer to ever enter the Indian music industry at 11-years old. There are a lot of people from the electronic music industry too. I have been an UZ fan for a long time and I love Tynan, Hyrdaulix, Oski, Oshi, Oddprophet, Dr. Ozi and the list goes on and on.


TBB: What can we expect from Baajewala next for the rest of 2019?

Baajewala: Me and QGR have been planning this EP for almost a year now. This EP has helped me figure out what my sound actually is. There’s this idea in India that people from here only want to make it big amongst the Indian crowd. But, that’s what I wanted to change with this EP. Art is universal and one should always reach out for higher limits. That’s what I am aiming for in 2019, to make better and better music every day that appeals to the whole world and not just India.

Listen to ‘Gando Wando‘ below. You can grab your copy here.