Sound Avtar – Nero V (Original Mix)

Sound Avtar Nero V

Bass music in India has come a long way. And as the movement surrounding the genre’s constant growth in the country continues to garner more traction, we need to put the spotlight on one of the its earliest homegrown creator and supporter. With that in mind, we’re more than happy to welcome back none other than Sound Avtar who has finally returned to releasing new music with his latest single, ‘Nero V‘. Renowned for his bone rattling DnB and dubstep releases and equally enthralling live performances, all of which have played an integral role in cementing his spot as one of bass music’s most important figures in India, his newest effort packs in all the firepower you need to cause some heavy damage on the dancefloor.

Led by a dark intro that gets you prepared early on for the storm brewing ahead, Sound Avtar is quick to switch gears as he unleashes a ruthless and super intense drop that certainly feels like an overwhelming sonic experience on its own. Lending elements from neuro and dubstep, this certified heater has heavy undercurrents of bass flowing throughout its proceedings which only makes it that much more enjoyable for any passionate fan.

Out now as a free download, listen to ‘Nero V‘ below.