If you’ve been a keen follower of the Indian electronic music scene, then you’re ought to have heard about Bengaluru-based producer MALFNKTION aka Aditya Alamuru who continues to be the provider of some of freshest beats to come out of the country. Inspired by ethnic sounds that has constantly allowed him to serve up a unique and truly refreshing take on hip-hop and bass music, the talented act has now returned to action with his first release of 2019.

Reuniting with fellow MC Shayan Roy for the second consecutive time for ‘CHARLIE‘, their latest collaboration arrives on the heels of the massive success of last year’s ‘Vincent Chase Slippin’‘. Sticking much closer to the traditional sounds of trap and hip-hop this time around, the two acts go on to whip up a bumping, 808-heavy joint that is poised to please a wide range of listeners. Accompanied by yet another impressive lyrical performance courtesy Shayan, MALFNKTION convincingly keeps full control of the proceedings with his brisk production work. And now fresh off the track’s highly anticipated release, we also managed to catch up with both the collaborators to talk about ‘CHARLIE‘, working with each other, future plans and much more.

Read on.

TBB: Congratulations on the release of your latest collaboration, ‘Charlie’. How was it like working together once again for this dance floor-ready and more hip-hop inclined jam?

Aditya: Thanks! I think our music ends up being high energy because we’re two wired artists making beats at 4 am. I remember he sent me a Charlie demo and even in it’s initial form, it had a bounce to it which was amazing. 

Shayan: Although it sounds vastly different from our previous single, the process for creating this song was also very spontaneous and unplanned. This time, I sent Adi over a really basic beat that I had in mind, and he took that and flipped it on it’s head. That’s the final instrumental that we used on “Charlie”.


TBB: Talk to us a bit about ‘Charlie’. Where did the idea for this record come from?

Aditya: I’ve always loved the minimalism of sound and choice of instruments used in Trap and Bass music. This song has really few elements to it and even the song structure is so relaxed, compared to music I’ve produced in the past. With Charlie, the vocals are full of life and dynamics. Shayan was on a roll and I created a song that gives him all the space he needs.

Shayan: For me, this song is kind of me accepting that I’m not perfect, I like partying, I’m weak to temptation, and all of these things are okay. They make me who I am. It’s something I’ve felt strongly about, and music for me has always been an outlet for the thoughts that I feel uncomfortable talking about in daily life. That’s where the lyrics to “Charlie” came from.


TBB: Aditya, you’ve already secured your spot as one of the freshest beat-makers to come out of India in recent years. What did you have in my mind when you were working on the follow-up to the massively successful ‘Vincent Chase Slippin’?

Aditya: Well, we are working on a lot of music together and even during the production of Vincent Chase Slippin, we had started collaborating on Charlie. The rest of the year, especially after Vincent Chase Slippin hit, we were just itching to share this one as well (haha).

Shayan Roy

TBB: Shayan, after your impressive performance on ‘Vincent Chase Slippin’, ‘Charlie’ certainly feels like an even more refined piece of work from your end. Was there any difference in how you approached this beat by MALFNKTION on which you also talk about the overindulgence associated with the partying scene?

Shayan: Actually MALFNKTION had sent me over the beat for “Vincent Chase Slippin”, and inspiration struck and I wrote and recorded it overnight, which is what you also hear in the final single. This time however, I was messing around with some 808 bass sounds and snares, and I cooked up a simple beat for “Charlie”. I recorded a verse, and sent it over to MALFNKTION without knowing what to expect. Before you knew it, he’d sent me back HIS version of the beat, and it sounded sensational to me. It’s pretty close to what you hear on the final version of “Charlie”.


TBB: Before we let you both go, what can expect from you next in 2019?

Aditya: I have an album I’ve been working on for close to two years called ‘The Infinity Trail’ out this year as well as a rap EP called ‘Rhymes and Recipes’ which includes Vincent Chase Slippin, Charlie and much more 🙂

Shayan: My plan for this year is to collaborate a lot more with like-minded people, especially with my boy MALFNKTION. I’ve been trying to figure out how to make music by myself for a long time now, and I’ve realised that working with others isn’t just a fun way to do it, but also one of the most beneficial ways in picking up valuable skills and information. So a lot more of that in 2019!

Out now via Artist Originals by JioSaavn, listen to ‘CHARLIE‘ below. And don’t forget to grab your copy here.