2018 might be finally coming to a close, but we’re continuing to witness the release of quality works by some of India’s most talented musicians and acts. And come today, we’re putting the spotlight on Mumbai-based bass player Nathan Thomas who has finally released his ‘DRMZ‘ EP under his solo project NATE08. Having been a staple part of the homegrown music space for almost six years now, Nathan’s latest body of work has been a long time coming which sees him explore his love for electronic music while drawing influences from his immense love for hip-hop, jazz and RnB.

Led by the previously released single, ‘No Love For The Cyborg‘ with Azamaan Hoyvoy, NATE08’s debut effort shines through its beat tape-influenced take on proceedings, but is quick to reach a higher level of finesse courtesy the act’s certified skill of chopping up samples, and a well calculated dose of percussion driven synthesis. On the EP’s titular cut which also boasts of a sleek feature by Azamaan, we get to hear a dreamy, mellow jam that is soon replaced by his signature blend of funk, soul and RnB as the predominantly electronica tune ‘019‘ sets up the mood brilliantly.

Moving forward, ‘Pale Blue‘ rests easy on listeners’ ears as he gets extra musical for what sounds like a truly magical journey into his hazy soundscapes. And lastly, ‘Money Come Money Go‘ sees Nathan and Azamaan team up once again for a low-end heavy tune which serves its purpose as a brief, yet fitting outro as the two whip up a mean effort that does just about enough to bring the EP to an impressive close.

While the EP might be brief, it does prove to be a memorable debut outing for Nathan as he provides us with a taste of his ability as a producer. And fresh off the long awaited release, we also managed to catch up with the man himself behind the project to talk about ‘DRMZ‘, working with Azamaan Hoyvoy, future plans and much more.

Read on.


TBB: Congratulations on the release of your ‘DRMZ’ EP! Can you tell us a bit about the whole project?

Nathan: Thanks! This project came about by simply putting down some beats and ideas which were very naturally flowing to me. I honestly did not expect to release it properly. Initially the plan was just make a beat tape and send it over to a few friends. But whoever I played the music to convinced me to put it out as a proper release. So eventually, I did.


TBB: Having been a part of the music scene in the country for almost six years now, can you shed some light on your new project NATE08?

Nathan: My primary instrument is the bass guitar, I play in a bunch of different bands and projects but none of that music is mine. I just write bass parts for the projects that I play in. I really wanted to have my own music at some point and I guess the time was right. It’s also an exploration on my love for electronic and hip hop music.


TBB: Throughout the EP, we get to hear your musical style deeply rooted in jazz, RnB and hip-hop play a key role in each track. Was it something which came out naturally or a was there a conscious thought put behind it?

Nathan: Lots of my favourite hip hop producers like Mndsgn, Knxwledge, Karriem Riggins and obviously J Dilla to name a few – sample old school jazz and RnB and make it their own which I really enjoyed listening to as a listener and I wanted to do that for my music as well. There was no real conscious thought about anything on the EP. Everything just came to me naturally and I just put together the pieces of the puzzle.


TBB: The EP’s only single, ‘No Love For The Cyborg’ with Azamaan Hoyvoy is quickly becoming a favourite amongst listeners. How was it like collaborating with Azamaan? What was the idea behind the tune?

Nathan: Azamaan is one of the most talented and underrated musician/songwriter that I know of in the city. We’ve been good friends for a few years now and I also play bass in his band. Whenever I have a track and I hear some vocals on it, he’s the only person I can think of. I called him up one day when I wanted some vocals on this track and he was like yeah sure come over. So I went over to his place and played him the tune once. (At this point he had never heard this tune before) 3 takes was all it took to get the perfect take. There were zero ideas lyrically behind the tune, he just kinda freestyled all over it. And one of the lyrics he sang was ‘no love for the cyborg‘ and I was like, ‘Oh that’s a cool lyric‘. And named the song that. That was pretty much the story behind the song.


TBB: Talking about future plans, what can we looking forward to from you next?

Nathan: I’m constantly working on new music whenever I get free time from my hectic schedule. Have a bunch of tunes ready for next year. Hopefully looking to put out a full length album release early next year, and another EP before October.


TBB: Lastly, as a bass player, how different is the whole process for you like when it comes to producing your own music and having full creative control over it as NATE08?

Nathan: The process is very different but I really enjoy every bit of it. Having full creative control helps me finish up things really quick and that’s how I like to work. I feel if I stay on one particular idea for a long time, I get bored of it and end up not liking it at all. Also the most different part from anything I’ve ever done is, I like to produce everything first even including the smallest details and then put down bass last. It’s the first time for me using that approach as well but it really helps in leaving space for other elements to breathe. Because I play bass and this is my own music, I feel like there’s a tendency to overplay sometimes. So putting down bass last really helps for the whole thing to work as a whole.

Listen to Nate08’s ‘DRMZ‘ EP below.