Manny & Ajmal – 11:11

Manny Ajmal 11:11

Pivotal to the emergence of the dance music scene in India, Submerge as a platform – chat forum, promoter, booking agency and curators has been instrumental to the explosive growth of dance music in India. Having brought down iconic acts and underground legends like Richie Hawtin, John Digweed, Dave Seaman, Yousef, Sam Paganini among others in the past, Submerge officially completes 15 years in 2018.

And now to take its philosophy of supporting local talent a step further, they have launched their eponymous new label, Submerge Music. The label is an important part of the ecosystem that Submerge exists in, and is designed to provide Indian producers the opportunity of catching the attention of international listeners. For their inaugural debut release, homegrown talents Manny and Ajmal, who have previously performed together as BLaNK come together for their 11-track album called ‘11:11‘.

A sprawling body of work courtesy the two names, the proceedings roam around the realms of progressive, melodic techno, nu disco and afro house sounds. While the opening track ‘11:11’ is evocative fare, Manny and Ajmal waste little time in picking up the pace, moving into melodic techno sounds in ‘Quantum’ to afro house in ‘Regiment Calling’ and ending with a French nu-disco track, ‘The Beginning’, which features the vocals of Rachna Ramdin. ‘11:11′, the album showcases a wide range of sounds to create an experience that is inherently their own.

Listen to the album in full below. Out now via Submerge Music, you can grab your copy here.