Yungsta & Encore ABJ – Bol Beta

Yungsta & Encore ABJ Bol Beta

The Indian hip-hop scene has gone way past its nascent stage, and if the last two years are anything to go by, then the genre might be quickly becoming one of the hottest genres within the Indian sub-continent. And come today, we’re putting the spotlight on New Delhi-based rappers Yungsta and Encore ABJ‘s latest single, ‘Bol Beta‘. While Encore has been wreaking havoc as one-half of famed duo Seedhe Maut, Yungsta has been equally lethal with his tenacious and ruthless lyrical flow.

And on ‘Bol Beta‘, listeners get a first-hand experience of what these two explosive acts have to offer. Having also collaborated on multiple tracks in the past, their latest creation goes on to highlight Encore and Yungsta’s constantly growing rap relationship as the two feed off each other’s floor shattering energy to lend some fiery verses to this memorable record. Accompanied by an energetic, hype inducing music video, check out ‘Bol Beta‘ below.

Out now via Elements, you can grab your copy here.