Spotify Finally Set For A Launch In India Within The Next Six Months

Spotify India

Music fans around the country can finally begin to gear up for what promises to be one of the biggest breakthroughs for the Indian music industry in recent years. As per a recent report by Variety, global music streaming giant Spotify are set to make their way to the Indian sub-continent within the next six months. After originally confirming their plans to launch in the country earlier this March, it has also been revealed that the world renowned platform will also offer an extended free trial period upon its highly anticipated launch in India.

Moreover, having already acquired an office space in Mumbai, we had also previously learnt that former OLX CEO Amarjit Singh Batra could be heading Spotify India. And while the streaming service’s launch in India faced initially faced roadblocks due to blocking of licenses by major record labels, multiple sources seem to have confirmed that “a pathway has been cleared by the majors“.

With all eyes on Spotify India and their next move as we await for an official announcement, make sure to stick around for the latest updates.

Source: Variety