Salty Prawn – I Crushed Your Flower

Salty Prawn I Crushed Your Flower

Mumbai-based beatmaker Salty Prawn has quickly gone on to become a favourite here at Bangin Beats. What has turned out to be a phenomenal year for the rising act, Pranav Gohil continues to constantly impress with his sample-heavy productions. And now fresh off the success of his stellar debut album ‘Chirps And Burps‘ which was released earlier this year, Salty Prawn has returned to action with his brand new single, ‘I Crushed Your Flower‘.

Accompanied by his signature low-end characteristics and a nostalgic Bollywood vocal sample, the trip-hop influenced work edges past his usual bass-friendly offerings to make up for a wholesome, exploratory track which dishes out an gritty and complex mix of  Salty Prawn’s sonic experimentation.

Out now via nrtya, listen to ‘I Crushed Your Flower‘ below.