Nicky Romero Talks About His Return To India, Performing At Budweiser Experiences Presents Sensation Rise & Much More

Nicky Romero Sensation India

Dutch producer/DJ Nicky Romero continues to be one of dance music’s biggest and most consistent acts by a stretch! Renowned for classic cuts like ‘I Could Be The One‘ with Avicii, ‘Toulouse‘, ‘Let Me Feel‘ and many more, the Protocol bossman has not only impressed fans with his stunning productions, but he has also managed to leave the audience awestruck every single time with his powerful live performances. And as Nicky Romero made his highly awaited return to India this past weekend for a truly memorable performance at Budweiser Experiences presents Sensation Rise in Hyderabad, we caught up with the progressive house master before he went on stage to talk about his return to the Indian sub-continent, performing at Sensation Rise, upcoming plans and much more!

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TBB: Hey Nick! How’s it going for you?

Nicky Romero: All well and good!

TBB: 2018 has turned out be a spectacular year for you. Ever since the start of the year, you have been on a hot streak with multiple releases under your belt including huge collaborations with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Taio Cruz and Steve Aoki. What is keeping you so inspired currently?

Nick: I think the most important thing for producers from Holland is that we have really good role models. We have guys like Armin and Tiesto who have been doing this for a long time already. So for us, I think all kinds of good music gets you inspired to make new music. So it doesn’t matter if it’s electronic or not, if they are good songs. And I think there are so many good producers and DJs from Holland. It gives people the feeling that whatever you do, if you practice enough, you can be that person too you know?

TBB: You’re finally back in India after a long time! Do you have any fond memories from your past shows in the country?

Nick: It’s my first time playing in Hyderabad. But it has been like two years since I last played in India. I think the crowds here are really good and the people are really supportive. So crowd wise, it’s definitely one of my favourite crowds to play for. They’re very appreciative.


TBB: Coming back to your productions, how do you manage to consistently push yourself to go beyond the barriers of progressive house and explore new sounds without compromising on authenticity?

Nick: I was trying to stay close to the Nicky Romero sound in the beginning. But like every artist, you need to progress. So it means that I keep working on my sound. And I enjoy progressive house and the melodic side of it the most. But that also means that I have to stay true with it and stick to it even though other sounds are more popular at that very moment. And I’m fine with that. I don’t have to jump on every hype. I try to stay close to the sound that I like. Every time I try to take something that’s hot in the industry and build it into something that what I like the most.

Nicky Romero Sensation India

TBB: You’re all set to headline Budweiser Experiences presents Sensation RISE 2018! What are you looking forward to the most from this super special gathering?

Nick: I’ve not seen the stage yet. So I don’t know how it looks like. But I know the original Sensation in Amsterdam was like a DJ booth in the middle where you could face everyone in the crowd. Then I’ve played some really cool Sensation shows in South America. But what I know from Indian people is that they’re really supportive and dedicated. So if it’s only close to what I had seen the last time, then it can be pretty epic!


TBB: 2018 has turned out to be an amazing year for Nicky Romero! What lies next for you?

Nick: I have a song with David Guetta coming. it’s called ‘Ring The Alarm’. I think that could be a really good throwback to the sound that we used to do in a new way! I’m also working on a song with Afrojack that I still need to finish. Same with ALOK. A lot of new Nicky Romero tunes, remixes for some friends of mine. You’ll see!