JACKAL – In Love With Nobody

JACKAL In Love With Nobody

Driven by an unshakeable desire to make music, LA-based producer JACKAL‘s singular work ethic has seen him pave a highly successful path for himself over the past few years. And come today, the supremely talented act explores the resilience of the human spirit and debuts a triumphant new sound at the same time on his new single, ‘In Love With Nobody‘.

Opening with cinematic, swelling synths that break for the track’s singular vocal, an angelic yet heartbreaking voice murmuring “I don’t love you anymore.” proves to be one of the track’s most memorable moments. The proceedings then break down into reverberating basslines and digitized melodic effects that are unlike anything you’ve heard before. Talking about his latest release, JACKAL wrote in a statement:

“‘In Love With Nobody’ is actually a happy track. It comes from the feeling of relief of being independent and having no feelings for anyone. The title is kind of an ode to one of my all time favourite bands The Smiths. I feel like Morrissey would totally name a track ‘In Love With Nobody.'”

Out now via Lowly Palace, you can grab your copy here.